Uncharted Territory, Season 2 Episode 6

Uncharted Territory, Season 2 Episode 6
November 7, 2019
Live on IWTV from the White Eagle in Worcester, MA
by Tiffany Rose

Tonight’s episode of Uncharted Territory puts the spotlight on the show-stealers of Beyond Wrestling. 
That can only mean we’re in for another outstanding evening, fans! It’s one thing to be 
considered the top tier talent in the promotion, but having a night dedicated to the men and women who
make the absolute most of their time in the ring and leave a lasting impression on us all is something 
special. The standout of tonight’s lineup looks to be the debut of ATL’s own “All Damn Day” O’Shay 
Edwards, a man who’s made a huge name for himself here down south and now has a chance to 
show the Beyond Wrestling audience what damage he can do in the ring in the Discovery Gauntlet. 
It’s very cool to see how Beyond scouts talent from around the globe and put the spotlight on the best 
of the best. That’s what the tastemakers of this industry do, and they do it damn well!

Tonight’s Commentary: Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella are back on commentary tonight 
after having last week off, and it’s great to have the guys back with their unique blend of chemistry. 
Just a thought - other promotions (namely the ones run by the billionaires) should have the sense 
of variety that Beyond does with their color and play by play team; not only does it gives fans a chance 
to hear different perspectives but it also makes it that much more entertaining for the show as a whole.

Pre-Show Match: DL Hurst vs. Bobby ‘The GOAT’ Orlando
This week’s dark match was also streamed on Beyond’s Instagram Live, a nifty new concept for their 
social media. Hurst is no stranger to the Beyond ring and demonstrated his experience tonight with a 
solid victory in an entertaining match with Orlando. I would love to see more of Bobby Orlando on 
Uncharted Territory in the near future; he’s got a fun gimmick that provides a lot of amusing spots 
during matches, especially when the spots involve his adorable stuffed goat (yes, he has a stuffed 
goat he brings to the ring and it’s wonderful). 

Match 1: Milk Chocolate vs. Bear Country vs. VSK/Alex Reynolds (with Mark Sterling) vs. 
Mike Verna/Rex Lawless
Tonight’s live show starts off hot with a tag team scramble (with lucha rules). The big story in this 
match is the big men; Bear Country has been the team with the most attention as of late with everyone 
considering them the aces of Beyond’s tag team division. Mark Sterling’s boys (VSK and Reynolds) 
take issue with not being in that same regard and it seems like they’d do anything, even underhanded 
tactics, to prove to everyone that they deserve that tag team spotlight even more. All four teams 
involved in the scramble looked like stars in this match, though, with the hosses (Bear Beefcake and 
Rex Lawless) displaying their strength in a show of one-upmanship at one point by lifting their 
opponents two at a time like dads carrying kids off to bed! My personal favorites Milk Chocolate 
had a chance to shine as well with Randy Summers coming off the top rope mid-match onto all of the 
opponents on the outside of the ring, doing almost as much damage to himself as he did to everyone 
else, however! Don’t sleep on Milk Chocolate for too long, fans. Summers and his partner Brandon 
Watts are the finesse and both had a fantastic spot with a crazy combination of kicks on Alex Reynolds 
that was satisfying to watch. Bear Country were able to hit their devastating Elevator Drop on Verna, but 
Reynolds (thanks to Sterling running interference by distracting the referee) stole the pin on Verna to get 
the completely unfair win for his team.

Sterling’s boys only had a moment to celebrate as Thomas Santell comes out to challenge VSK and 
Reynolds to a match next week with Nerder Death Kill. Both VSK and Reynolds had reasonable 
hesitation - no one with full sanity just immediately agrees to a match involving Nick Gage - but it was 
Sterling who (unwisely) accepted the challenge. How much pain are these guys in for next week against 

Match 2: Leyla Hirsch/Wheeler Yuta vs. Pretty Proper (Lady Frost and Victor Benjamin)
What was supposed to be a singles match between Leyla and Lady Frost started out with an unfair 
2-on-1 attack as Lady Frost and Victor Benjamin laid into Leyla at the start of the match with savage 
disregard. It looked like an easy win for Frost if this were to continue, but Wheeler Yuta had a different 
opinion as he came out to even up the score and turn this singles match into a tag team encounter. 
Both Leyla and Yuta have trouble meshing as a team at the start of this match, only synchronizing 
themselves momentarily on a dive to the outside on Pretty Proper before partaking in a sip of a fan’s 
beer. I’ve been thoroughly impressed lately with Lady Frost and Victor Benjamin’s tag team work; this 
husband-and-wife team move as smooth as silk together and yet they are as cold as ice (see what I 
did there?) when it comes to being brutal against their opponents. It took some time before Yuta and 
Leyla reached a level of cohesion and they suffered a great onslaught of moves from Pretty Proper 
before they found their footing as a team and scored the win. On a night of show-stealers, however, 
Pretty Proper were the MVPs of this impromptu tag match.

Match 3: Richard Holliday (with Club Cam) vs. Solo Darling
Holliday and those damn airpods. They’re his thing now, seriously - he even refers to himself as the 
“Airpod God”. He’ll probably be first in line to get the next gen model with noise cancellation so he can 
continue only listening to what he wants to hear, which seems to be his modus operandi. Tonight he 
decided to treat all of us “consumers” to a match against the amazing Solo Darling with his pods intact.
That’s right, Holliday refused to remove the Airpods for this match, leaving us all to wonder what the hell 
was keeping them in. Solo Darling wasn’t one for this foolishness, however, finally kicking the pods out of 
Holliday’s waxy ears mid-match and taking the bout to an all-business and no playtime standard. Solo will 
force you to take her seriously, believe that! From that point the fight got real and Solo exhibited her 
amazing power against Holliday, lifting her much bigger opponent off the mat several times and showing 
him she’s not here for fun and games. Having his Club Cam cronies on the outside seemed to give Holliday 
the boost of support he needed, though, as he was able to overpower the very capable Solo Darling enough 
to hit his Market Crash on her for the victory pinfall...and then put those damn Airpods back in his ears.

Match 4: Matt Makowski vs. “All Damn Day” O’Shay Edwards (Discovery Gauntlet)
The Discovery Gauntlet is once again the way it should be! Instead of being Tony Deppen’s personal vehicle
for success, Matt Makowski’s brilliant return last week and submission victory over Deppen restored the 
Gauntlet to its intended purpose - a unique system of revealing the choice competitors on the independent 
wrestling scene. Makowski goes into the Gauntlet this week with a record of 1-0, and his opponent was a 
daunting one indeed. 
O’Shay Edwards is already an established name on the southern indie wrestling scene, but tonight he’d have a 
chance to make a name for himself and make all of us folks down south even more proud of him. This was a 
heavy banger of a battle that looked at many occasions as if it would break the damn ring itself! Edwards hit his 
finest power moves; his mighty belly to belly suplex would have broken anyone else in half, but Makowski has already 
let us all know he’s not your everyday competitor. We see holds in this match that were entirely new to me, such as 
Makowski’s double-arm lever submission hold that was savagely locked in on Edwards. The big man from ATL 
still found the strength to break the hold and then pick Makowski up and powerbomb him to the mat in the style of 
Rampage Jackson. These dudes are on another level for real! After a smooth double-arm suplex off the top 
rope and then locking in the Chaos Theory armbar, Makowski took his second win in the Discovery Gauntlet. 
The crowd, though, was solidly in support of Edwards, showing him much love despite the loss and demanding 
that he make another appearance soon in Beyond Wrestling. 
No surprise at all to see O’Shay Edwards win the hearts of the Beyond fans as he’s done for so long 
here down south!

Match 5: To Infinity & Beyond (Cheech Hernandez/Colin Delaney) vs. The Sea Stars 
(Ashley Vox/Delmi Exo)
The newly crowned SHIMMER tag champs Sea Stars got to show off their shiny belts tonight! Vox and Exo 
have been the women’s tag team to watch lately, and their match tonight against Delaney and Hernandez 
was a well-fought one. This one made me want to go back and catch up on all of Vox and Exo’s recent work. 
Ashley Vox has impressed lately on episodes of NWA Powerrr too, I’m expecting 2020 to be her breakout year 
as a singles competitor. The Sea Stars took the victory over To Infinity & Beyond, but praise goes to both of 
these teams for being as exceptional as they are on the indie scene.

Match 6: Jay Freddie vs. Kevin Bennett
Ever since the rubber match between Jay Freddie and Brandon Thurston things have escalated to a fever 
pitch between these two wrestlers. Much of this is due to Brandon Thurston being an outright prick about 
giving Freddie his due respect in an actual battle. Tonight, for example, we had Thurston hand-picking Kevin 
Bennett, one of his contemporaries, for a match with Freddie. Bennett’s a damn good wrestler in his own 
regard, but when are we finally going to see Thurston man up to a real match? Freddie sent Thurston a 
message in this one by taking young Bennett to task with a true ass-kicking. Not one to disappoint his 
mentor, Bennett did give it his all in this match, but Freddie ended the match by hitting a popup powerbomb 
and followed through with a devastating lariat for the win. Message sent loud and clear!

Match 7: Team Pazuzuhausen (Chris Dickinson, Pinkie Sanchez, Danhausen) vs. Josh Briggs, 
Anthony Greene, Ava Everett
What a damn good time this trios match was! Team Pazuzuhausen showed solidarity by sporting Danhausen’s 
face on their kneepads while Briggs, Greene, and Everett (already known for being close friends) brought the 
energy - mostly from Ava, of course, and the savagery from Briggs. The highlight of this one was Danhausen’s 
Tequila spot that had the crowd, both his teammates, and even referee Steven Dumeng dancing their asses off 
while Danhausen kicked ass! Pinkie Sanchez lead his team to victory after scoring the pinfall on Anthony Greene, 
but all six competitors showed great sportsmanship by congratulating each other afterward on a fun match. 
Danhausen even received the coveted Pazuzu kneepad, proving that Team Pazuzu does indeed love that Danhausen! 

Chuck O’Neill, however, came to spoil the festivities by rudely taking the kneepad away, but before he could get too 
involved he was promptly run off by Team Pazuzu. We just can’t have anything nice!

Match 8: John Silver vs. Christian Casanova
This was a main event that put both Silver and Casanova in the spotlight they so richly deserve! Club Cam 
was banned from ringside after trying to interfere early in the match (good call). Now Casanova had the opportunity 
to shine on his own. Silver and Casanova got down and dirty after a solid classic wrestling style to begin the match; 
neither man wanted to give in and go down to defeat and they fought hard to try and gain control. Silver delivered 
those devastating kicks of his to Casanova, and Casanova paid back with a few of his own kicks despite the Meatman 
being the harsher of the two. It wasn’t Casanova’s night to fall easily, though, as he kept coming back from what seemed 
to be certain doom after Silver gave him everything he had, including kicking out of Silver’s ruthless Spin Doctor. It took 
the Meatman having to nearly cave Casanova’s head in with another kick to finally put him down and get the victory. 

Both men brought their main event game and kept the crowd wide awake despite this main event going way past the show’s 
usual end time!

Christian Casanova is indeed top talent, and even Club Cam had to acknowledge this despite his loss as they returned to 
ringside. When oh when though will Casanova finally rid himself of these losers and let them sink like anchors as he rises 
further to the top where he belongs?

Post-Show Thoughts
The show-stealers had us all going wild throughout tonight’s Uncharted Territory! Everybody in every match delivered 
their best and it seemed as if there was hardly any room to breathe between matches. That’s just the way it should be, 
and it’s just the way the fans like it!

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