Uncharted Territory, Season 2 Episode 7

Uncharted Territory, Season 2 Episode 7
November 14, 2019
Live from the White Eagle in Worcester, MA
Streaming on IWTV.live

Made it to the midpoint of the season! This review of tonight’s Uncharted Territory will be slightly more succinct than usual as I’m on the road this weekend. Let my brevity of detail be the guiding force that moves you to watch all of these matches in their entirety on IWTV. Also, please check out my picks for the first half of Season 2’s “Best of the Best” bouts and how they rank against each other. Out of an incredible season so far, it was not easy to choose between so many great matches!

Tonight’s Commentary: Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella came through with another great week at the commentary table. These two prove less is more when it comes to commentary; in my opinion they do better as a two-man team than any of WWE or AEW’s current teams on the major shows.

Pre-Show Match: Cabana Man Dan and Boomer Hatfield vs. Wheeler Yuta/Leyla Hirsch
Great to see Cabana Man Dan and his boy Boomer Hatfield teaming in Beyond Wrestling! Both teams looked great in this pre-show match. Yuta and Leyla meshed much better as a team this week than they did last week. Dan got to show off his chops with his flip flop, seemingly knocking Yuta out at one point much to everyone’s (including Dan’s) surprise. Yuta and Leyla get the victory after Leyla got the pin on Boomer. Nice tag match!

Match 1: John Silver vs. Daniel Garcia
This match was a perfect way to start out the show tonight. The Meatman and Red Death went to war, though, and this one would be a hard act to follow for the rest of Episode 7. The crowd was solidly behind both competitors; Silver and Garcia both made an excellent showing in this opener. We saw dramatic close calls with near-submissions and kick outs. Silver gets the win after another war, continuing his hot streak.

Match 2: Pinkie Sanchez vs. Chuck O’Neill
Revenge was the motive behind the next bout, and we’re all ready to see Chuck O’Neill pay for stealing the Pazuzu kneepad from Danhausen. The Beyond crowd never lets up once on the hate for Chuck, and he just seems to absorb it into some kind of ass-kicking energy. Chuck dominates most of the match although Pinkie is tough and stays in the fight. El Presidente can’t quite take out the threat though and O’Neill gets the win with armbar submission. Right as it seems Chuck is ready to take the other Pazuzu kneepad from Sanchez, out comes Chris Dickinson to defend his tag partner. O’Neill still has the kneepad, so this is in no way finished yet!

Match 3: Richard Holliday & Christian Casanova (Club Cam) vs. Willow Nightingale & Solo Darling (Bird and the Bee)
The Bird and the Bee return to Uncharted Territory as CHIKARA’s new Campeonatos de Parejas Champions! Seems as though tonight Club Cam is on the outs in this match as Holliday barely did anything to help Casanova and Casanova chose to flat out ignore Holliday at key moments in the match. There’s controversy at the end of the match as Holliday never officially taps out to a double submission applied by Willow and Solo. During the confusion with the ref, Solo Darling rolls up Holliday for the official pinfall victory. This complicates things even more for Club Cam, causing further dissention in the ranks!

Match 4: Matt Makowski (2-0) vs. Gary Jay (Discovery Gauntlet)
This week’s Discovery Gauntlet was Makowski’s toughest challenge, because Gary Jay is one of the toughest dudes on the midwest independent wrestling scene. We’re treated to a slugfest as Jay isn’t shy to punch it out with a Bellator MMA fighter like Makowski. It’ll be difficult to determine (as of now) who the better fighter truly was, however, because right at a pivotal moment in the match Tony Deppen came from backstage and interfered in the match, ringing the bell and announcing Makowski the winner. The distraction allows Gary Jay to capitalize and get the victory over Makowski, who is surely furious with Deppen for once again interfering with his Gauntlet match. 

Deppen comes to the ring, congratulates Jay, and congratulates himself just as much for causing Makowski another Discovery Gauntlet match. This prompts Chris Dickinson to come out again from the back; the Dirty Daddy had enough of the shit-talking.

Match 5: Chris Dickinson vs Tony Deppen
Dickinson challenges Deppen to a match as neither were scheduled to fight, but Dickinson was most assuredly pissed off enough to go to battle with someone. This match seems more of a matter of respect for Dickinson, who wants to continue a strong winning streak. Deppen on the other hand would look good winning this before going on to challenge Warhorse for the IWTV Championship this Saturday at Black Label Pro’s Slamilton. This was a first-rate match despite being scheduled spur-of-the-moment; Dickinson wins with the Pazuzu Bomb and pin. After the match, Dickinson takes the mic and challenges Chuck O’Neill for next week’s episode. Finally a measure of justice against Chuck?

Match 6: Nerder Death Kill vs. VSK/Alex Reynolds (with Mark Sterling)
Mark Sterling admitted at the beginning of this match that he spoke too soon in accepting the challenge. Too bad, too late! Gage unceremoniously removed him from the ring the hard way, and the match was on. Despite Sterling's best efforts to run interference, NDK dominated this match and we finally get to see VSK & Reynolds get a well-deserved ass whipping. Reynolds taps out after Santell locks him in a submission hold and Nerder Death Kill is out to prove they're the most dominant force in Beyond's tag team division.

Match 7: Kris Statlander vs. Mercedes Martinez
Tonight's main event was one to look forward to. Martinez has the fury and fire, and this was the match to see if Statlander could rise up to that level. I think Statlander knew this was her moment to shine and she took the opportunity to give Martinez one hell of a battle. With this one we witnessed a stellar match that will be likely remembered as a turning point in Statlander's path to stardom. Statlander wins by submission over Martinez and both competitors honored each other's toughness with a post-match show of respect. I continue to be amazed by Mercedes Martinez's abilities, but tonight belonged to the galaxy's favorite alien.

Post-Show Thoughts
Episode 7 is definitely worth a watch just to see the beauty of Beyond Wrestling's storytelling abilities. Lots of long-form stories are being told in these matches and it's great to see how the promotion gives equal respect and time to each narrative. It's going to be a fun time watching how the rest of the season unfolds!

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