Uncharted Territory, Season 2 Episode 8

Uncharted Territory, Season 2 Episode 8
November 21, 2019
Live from the White Eagle in Worcester, MA
Streaming on IWTV.live

Thursday night is here again and it’s time for the best wrestling show of the week! Uncharted Territory should be the number one reason you’re subscribed to IWTV.live, and the massive amount of live events and content available for streaming should be your other reason. Tonight is Denim Night at the White Eagle in Worcester, dedicated to the return of Beyond Wrestling’s most beloved ace and the biggest treasure of Uncharted Territory, Orange Cassidy! We’ll see Freshly Squeezed take on the Meatman John Silver tonight and there’s also Chris Dickinson vs. Chuck O’Neill to look forward to; here’s to hoping Dirty Daddy gets a measure of revenge on O’Neill for being a thieving, bullying douchebag. We’ve got Bear Country in a match with the Sea Stars as well...and what kind of game plan will each team have against the other in such a match of uneven proportions? We’re in for another intense trip this week; let’s have a damn good time, shall we?

Spotlight Match: CJ Cruz vs. Alec Price
This week’s Spotlight Match was a good bout between two local guys getting a chance to make a name for themselves. This was my first time seeing both Cruz and Price; both of them put on an enjoyable match with the action going back and forth at a quick pace. Alec Price wins a hard-fought victory and now it’s on to the live broadcast!

It should be noted that there was a loud ‘FREE BIFF’ chant in support of Biff Busick right before the first match. How long will it be before we’re able to see the return of Biff Busick to the Beyond Wrestling ring…? Likely won’t happen in Season 2 of Uncharted Territory but it’s something I’m hoping for down the road in 2020!

Match 1: Chris Dickinson vs. Chuck O’Neill
Everyone was hoping to see some justice served this week on Chuck O’Neill for his recent misdeeds towards Team Pazuzu and Danhausen, and it certainly seemed that way when the Dirty Daddy hit the ring. It was satisfying enough to see Chris Dickinson take control on multiple occasions in this opening match although O’Neill was up for the fight and would not be taken out easily at all. Just as we were ready to see Dickinson put away O’Neill for good, however, out comes Larry Legend (of all people) to ringside! Legend and Dickinson have plenty of history, but tonight Larry was not there to support an old friend. Instead, Legend had clearly aligned himself otherwise, providing the distraction that allowed Chuck to choke Dickinson out in a surprising submission finish to the match. We thought this story would end tonight with vindication but damn if it didn’t just take another twist!

Match 2: Bear Country vs the Sea Stars (Ashley Vox/Delmi Exo)
Next up we have a tag team match that looked just as crazy on screen as it would on paper; it was actually very fun to watch. To start the match out the Sea Stars demand that Bear Country kiss, which seems like a fair enough request from the SHIMMER tag champs. The Bears say they’ll do so...when they win. Vox and Exo were undoubtedly outsized here but put their heads together to outsmart Bear Country and use their size against each other throughout the match. The Bears kept control over the Stars, though, and right as the gigantic duo was ready to hit the Elevator Drop for the victory there was Team Tremendous suddenly on the scene to run interference and allow the Sea Stars to get the pin and win. We’ve got to eventually see Bear Country and Team Tremendous settle this once and for all, as this is starting to get a little personal...

Match 3: Josh Briggs vs. Tony Deppen
People don’t want to give Tony Deppen his proper respect but damn it he deserves every bit of it (even if he doesn’t show much respect himself). Tonight’s match with Deppen and Josh Briggs only proved even more that Deppen can run with the best of them. This one was a classic banger with Briggs dealing all of the punishment he could dish out and Deppen taking the beating while getting in some offense of his own. It took two of Briggs’s chokebombs to take Deppen out for good; Deppen kicked out of the first but the second was devastating enough for the Bitch Destroyer to get the much-needed and well-deserved pinfall victory. Much appreciation to both Briggs and Deppen for going all out in this one.

Match 4: Anthony Greene/Platinum Hunnies vs. VSK/Alex Reynolds/Mark Sterling
How witty...VSK, Reynolds, and Sterling are now collectively known as WIT, or “Whatever It Takes”. At least they’ll admit in their name that they’re willing to cheat to win, right? Despite the dubious name for a team with dubious actions, it’s remarkable to me how adept of a wrestler Sterling is. There was a lot of fun in this trios match with Greene and the Hunnies providing most of the entertainment (we even get to see the Ava-Taker chokeslam!) and both teams putting athleticism on display. In the end it’s Reynolds who gets the victory for WIT with a loaded punch to Angel Sinclair and then a pinfall. Whatever it takes, indeed.

Match 5: Gary Jay vs. Facade w/Dani Mo (Discovery Gauntlet)
Gary Jay is back for his second week in the Discovery Gauntlet, this time against the colorful “Neon Ninja” Facade. I’ve seen Facade before on the indie scene and was pretty excited about him; it’s good to see he’s still as high-energy as ever and great to see him in the Beyond ring this episode. Can’t help but root for the Stiff Robo Ginger in this one, though, as Gary Jay has the skills that I think will last a long time in the Discovery Gauntlet. Plus, he’s representing the mid-South scene down here when he’s up there each week in Worcester. Facade has an exceptional match with Gary Jay here but the fight brought on by the Neon Ninja is not enough to knock Jay off of the top of the mountain. Gary Jay takes the win and goes on to fight another week in the Gauntlet!

In a surprising moment we next have Action Wrestling Champion AC Mack coming out to the ring. He’s here to let the Uncharted Territory audience know exactly how little he thinks of the Discovery Gauntlet, but the Beyond faithful in attendance refuse to let him have his moment, instead letting him have it with a loud round of booing and jeering. Leyla Hirsch is out next to shut Mack up, and he unwisely refuses to take Leyla seriously at first. It doesn’t take long for Leyla to prove to Mack how legit she is, though, and his big moment got cut short pretty quickly.

Match 6: NDK vs Team Tremendous (Bill Carr/Dan Barry)
NDK is on a solid run lately as a team and I couldn’t be happier to see it! Nick Gage and Thomas Santell are the Odd Couple of wrestling who at first glance wouldn’t seem to mesh but then you see matches like this one and realize these guys make perfect sense teaming together. This tag match against Team Tremendous demonstrated how well NDK work together as a team (something also shown in CHIKARA at this year’s King of Trios when Kris Statlander teamed up with the duo), as Carr and Barry are already quite an established pair themselves and yet seemed outclassed at times here against NDK. We didn’t find out for sure who was the better team last night, though, as Bear Country returned to exact some revenge on Team Tremendous for their disruption earlier and allowed NDK to take the victory here thanks to distraction from the Bears.

After this match Nick Gage takes the mic to let us know that NDK and Bear Country will team up with Kris Statlander as Team Beyond on next week’s Thanksgiving episode of Uncharted Territory as they’ll take on Team Independent Wrestling All Stars (Warhorse, Manders, Matthew Justice, and Violence is Forever). Carrying on those Thanksgiving traditions from childhood!

Match 7: Orange Cassidy vs. John Silver
There’s a beautiful story being told here in this match and those who recognize said beauty will understand and enjoy the narrative. First you have Orange Cassidy, likely the biggest breakout pro wrestling name of 2019, returning to his Beyond Wrestling roots on Denim Night where all of the fans basically represent Orange Cassidy. It’s a lovely showing of support and love for one of their own. We also have John Silver, another Beyond Wrestling standout who’s finishing 2019 strong and who’s also a part of the same AEW roster as the Freshly Squeezed one. These two are coming up huge and it’s only proper that they have an Uncharted Territory main event match.

WHAT a match, though! This main event was a treat for fans. The first half of the bout focused on Orange Cassidy’s mind games (the ones we have fun playing along with) and Silver matching his opponent’s level by donning his own denim and sunglasses and bringing ‘Banana John’ into the match. Things got serious in the second half and this match became one more main event classic for Uncharted Territory to put in the record books. When Orange Cassidy gets serious, the match gets REAL. Both the Meatman and Freshly Squeezed went to war, but things escalated once OC went for his bottle of orange juice and Silver pulled the dickest of dick moves by taking the bottle and DRINKING the whole thing in front of him! Silver would end up regretting this though; you just don’t piss off Orange Cassidy when he’s already putting on a damn good match with you. OC moved on without his beloved juice and still had enough in him to get the win over Silver, who’s had a great run of victories lately but stalled here against Freshly Squeezed in a classic main event match. Both OC and Silver share a post-match hug in the ring once it’s all said and done, and the friendship is still solid!

Post-Show Thoughts
This week’s show was a great time! The biggest surprise for me was seeing Larry Legend on the side of Chuck O’Neill, and now I’m all about the anticipation of where the Team Pazuzu story will go next now that Larry’s a part of the mix now. I’m also intrigued by the tag team situation between Bear Country and Team Tremendous; Beyond does such a great job with storytelling and keeping all of the parts moving that it’s easy to get involved in any ongoing feud. Next week’s Thanksgiving episode should also deliver huge, and it’s good to see this train doesn’t slow down even on the holidays!

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