BREAKING NEWS: IWTV & Smart Mark Video Merger Announced.

Well it looks like independent wrestling will end 2019 going out like a Lion - which begs the hope that it won't end 2020 the sacraficial lamb as and Smart Mark Video have come to terms in a merger of the two giant independent wrestling streaming services.

The merger came from out of no where, but the writing was on the wall for those who were watching closely enough as Beyond Wrestling & Game Changer Wrestling simulcast the season finale of Uncharted Territory last Thursday.

IWTV fan's have peppered Beyond Wrestling wanting to know if there was going to be a third season of the critically acclaimed Uncharted Territory - with the announcement of this merger, has only fueled the interest in not only Uncharted Territory, but also the possibilities of new programming coming to the streaming service.

What exactly this means for either entity isn't fully known as of right now, but IWTV released a press release with these bullet points focused on:

  • Smart Mark Video will head our video production efforts to help improve on the quality of our live streamed events
  • Speaking of live streams, new live streams will be announced soon featuring new partner promotions
  • In addition to heading IWTV live event production, Smark Mark Video will continue to partner with FITE for live streams, including featured IWTV partner promotion events
  • New promotions will also become a regular part of our weekly Throwback Thursday release schedule
  • All IWTV partner promotions will now have access to additional distribution options through Smart Mark Video including DVD, Blu-Ray, VOD and MP4
  • Equipment upgrades and further development of our apps will ensure the best possible viewing experience for fans
  • A multi-casting feature will be added soon, allowing multiple events to stream live on IWTV at the same time

Of the things mentioned in the bullet points, it is the last one that is very interesting to me. To have the ability for multiple events being broadcast means only one thing: more content made available in real time. And there is nothing wrong with that, in my book.

As noted in the press release, there will be more information revealed tonight during the broadcast of "Heavy Lies the Crown," at 8PM on IWTV.

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