NWA Power | Episode 9 | “One More Time ...” Review

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NWAPowerrr - Episode 9 - “One More Time ...” Review
Streamed Live From Youtube.Com
Taped In Front of a Live Studio Audience @ the GPB Studio
Original Air Date: December 3rd, 2019
By Dennis Dubay

[Note: Episode 9 was taped before Jim Cornette stepped down from his role as lead announcer on NWAPowerrr]

We’re back for another Powerrr review - took last week off for the holidays. I hope you all enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving break with loved ones and alcohol. I did watch last week’s episode, but in all honesty, there wasn’t much to write about - though I did enjoy the behind the scenes look at Thunder Rosa’s debut in MMA. If you missed last week's episode, that is worth checking out. 

I wonder how much of episode nine was edited to eliminate as much of Jim Cornette as possible. The final episode of this first “Season” of NWAPowerrr didn’t feel anything like the first four episodes of the series. In fact, as much as it pains me to say, the series has lost all steam for me going as we head Into The Fire on PPV on December 14th.  The season started out so promising - and maybe a lot of it had to do with how new the old style set felt on our eyes used to over produced shows.

But even the talent seemed … tired. And maybe that’s due to the fact that they recorded nine episodes in two days; that’s why i wish this program was an actual live show instead of taped. Going into the finale, I also knew about the big title change - which would have been a lot more fun had it been live.

The main event is set for Into The Fire, with Nick Aldis defending against James Storm. A stipulation that i’m not really clear on, but there’ll be two refs, and the main story going with this match is that Storm feels there’s been a conspiracy thrown his way when it comes to Nick Aldis. So, I guess we can expect a Dusty finish two Saturdays from now.

Aron Stevens earned a shot at Colt Cabana’s NWA North American title by defeating Ricky Starks (with the help of ? Mark.) Stevens will get his shot at the PPV in a three way battle that will include the aforementioned Starks. The ? Mark is a strange situation. The fans love him, i mean he may be the most over stories on the NWA program - and maybe it’s because the identity is such a joke … but how does this get Jocephus over once he loses the mask? Jocephus was supposed to be a serious, cult like persona … I just don’t see how that works now. 

No surprise to this guy, the women stole the show again - with Melina cutting a promo about how she has been through hell and back a couple times and she knows how to make winners out of people. This brought out NWA Women’s champ Allysin Kay, who said she’d had enough of the talking, she wanted to fight tonight. And, of course, she was triple teamed and beaten down - classic booking right there to make the champ the underdog heading into a PPV. I personally cannot wait till Kay and Rosa battle singles for the NWA strap. Those are going to be some great matches. 

The big story of the night, however, of course,is that new NWA World Tag Team champions were crowned. The Rock n Roll Express defeated The Wildcards to win the belts. The last time the Express held the NWA tag titles was in 2000. Pretty damn impressive 2019 campaign for the Rock N Roll Express. They may be old, but they still move pretty damn good. Ricky Morton is sixty-three years old and doesn’t look like it at all in his movements. 

While I feel like the show has limped into the PPV, I’ll still watch the PPV as I really think a lot of the talent has killed the game so far - I just don’t care for the way the show is being delivered to us. I knew of the tag title change the weekend it happened. I want to be surprised. I want to be in the moment.  

Nick Aldis announced at the end of the program that Stu Bennett was heading to the NWA to take over commentary for the PPV.

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