Vinny Mac enjoys Cucking while All Elite Wrestling is all about the BDSM

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AEW Dynamite
From Curtis Cullwell Arena in Garland, Texas
Live on TNT
Report by Dennis DuBay

Dark Order and The Blade, The Butcher and The Bunny are two of my favorite things about All Elite Wrestling right now. The Dark Order commercials are very entertaining - and the production is great. Or maybe it was just the Natty Ice’s that tricked me into believing that the commercial tonight was real for a split second. I’ve always been drawn to the heels, and i have a bit of kinky BDSM in me .. well, until I hurt my knee, so I get off on these leather and pain type cults. 

One thing that was very well done on commentary during the Rhodes/QT v. TBTBTB is that The Bunny, formerly known as Allie, turned heel right after Brandi Rhodes & Kong cut her hair. It’s a pretty cool concept, if where they are going is whenever Rhodes and Kong cut someone’s hair, they release the evil from that person. And the fact that Brandi, who hasn’t been seen on screen with Cody in a while, released the evil on her Husband. Something to watch down the road.

Jon Moxley made very quick work of his match against Alex Reynolds. We later see Reynolds in his hotel room where he is contacted by the Dark Order through a commercial on TV. This is legit shit, Jet’s Pizza does the same thing to me. 

After the match, Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle came out to ringside. Jericho cut a really decent promo - the thing that I enjoy about Jericho the most is that he’s capable of so many different types of promo’s. He can be the funny dude or he can rip you apart with a damning vengeance. He can do that promo while also giving you a look at a coward who doesn’t really believe his own words.

He offered a spot in the Inner Circle to Moxley. This whole segment felt very nWo - which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They just have to be very careful with inviting new members in so early in their existence

TBTBTB scored an upset victory over Cody and QT. I’m not really familiar with QT at all, so I’m not sure if he’s a wrestler who went office or not - he wasn’t horrible in this match, but his movements were deliberate and slow. He’s a big guy, so there’s that. At one point in the match, I really thought TBTBTB were the fan favorites, with the crowd very vocal for them. Am I wrong? Did my Natty Ices’ lead me astray again? It was a Cody Rhodes match .. it wasn’t perfect by any means, but I do think he made The Butcher and The Blade look really good tonight. After the match, Rhodes sat on the arena floor, dejected and upset.

Darby Allin came out and offered his hand, which Rhodes accepted. A union formed .. We will see, but it’s very intriguing. 

MJF came out and ripped Cody apart. At one point comparing Rhodes bleach blonde hair to cat piss. I can only imagine every 80’s worker pissed off and firing off angry tweets after that. MJF accepted Cody’s challenge, which kind of annoyed me.

It’s too soon to give into Cody’s challenge. MJF should have refused - and, Cody being his boss, should have taken liberties because of the fact.

Could you see MJF being forced to work in one of the eateries at a Dynamite show. Or having to work on the janitorial team. Maybe having to be Rhodes unpaid Intern. There could have been some great moments in that scenario, so i feel like this was rushed a bit. 

The topsy turvy Women’s division saw another sort of upset as Swole defeated Emi Sakura in a pretty decent match. Unfortunately, it was the only women’s match, which will get Kristen Ashly fired up and hitting her stopwatch. Seriously, there’s to many women in the back who should be getting some time on TV - one match is not acceptable, if you are trying to be different.

Swole looks to be gaining some traction with the company - a hell of a story, that I wasn't aware of really. For those who don’t watch AEW Dark, basically, Swole died from Chrone’s disease - thankfully being revived  and able to fight on. Really great story and if you haven’t seen Dark, go watch it now.

Kenny Omega and Adam Page defeated Kip Sabian and Shawn Spears in an okay match -  one thing that seems to be happening is the push of Penelope Ford is about to begin. She was heavily featured on Dark last night and tonight she had a pretty decent presence. At one point the lights went out gimmick occured, and The Bad Boy, Joey Janela had somehow adultnapped Tully Blanchard and tied him up. This obviously got Spears to save his advisor and cost his team the match. 

Brandi cut a promo - it was a decent promo. Nothing great, but nothing that was so bad that you’d kick the wall. Shot on Britt and her need to tell you that she’s dating Adam Cole, BAY BAY, saying if you took a shot every time Britt mentioned Cole, you’d die.

That’s a challenge I’m willing to take. Luchasaurus defeated Sammy Guevara in a blah blah sort of match. It was split screen fodder and yeah, Luchasaurus deserves better than that. Jericho and Hager ran to the ring to brawl with Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt. Jungle Boy got a visual pinfall over Jericho ahead of their match next week.   The announced that AEW would return to Chicago for the next PPV, “Revolution”, February 29th.

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