Ring of Honor TV Recap: Episode 438

Ring of Honor TV: Episode 438
By Dylan Hager

Time for another episode of Ring of Honor Television!

This week starts with a look back at PCO vs Rush from Atlanta, including all the chaos involving Nick Aldis, Villain Enterprises, and Kenny King and Dragon Lee.

Ian and Quinn preview this week's episode. Tonight's main event is Villain Enterprises vs La Faccion Ingobernable from Honor Reigns Supreme. Side note: Ian and Quinn both are great at their jobs.

We see highlights from Flamita vs Flip Gordon from Honor Reigns Supreme in Concord, NC.

After the highlights we go to PJ Black and Brian Johnson backstage. PJ is still trying to be Johnson's mentor, but Brian still isn't having it.

Back to Ian and Quinn! Team IQ hype the upcoming shows in Nashville and St. Charles at the end of February.

We go back to Atlanta to see the Bully Ray/Maria Manic angle. Bully calls out Maria. Maria comes out and attacks Bully. Angelina and Mandy come to Bully's aid, and Bully puts Maria through a table.

Back to Team IQ. They promote ROH Shop. Time for this weeks TV exclusive!

The Bouncers vs PJ Black and Brian Johnson
Fun match here. It started out a little slow, but picked up near the end. The PJ mentor story continued as PJ kept Johnson from cheating on multiple occasions. Bruiser and Milonas continue to look good as a team. Bouncers pick up the win with their Closing Time finisher. Winners: The Bouncers

Backstage, Johnson and Black get into an argument. PJ says this is harder than he thought it would be.

Next week we'll see Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham, Jeff Cobb, and Danny Maff vs The Bouncers, Silas Young, and Josh Woods from Concord.

It is main event time!

La Faccion Ingobernable (Rush, Dragon Lee, and Kenny King) vs Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO, and Brody King)
This match is from Honor Reigns Supreme on January 12. Rhett Titus joins commentary for this match, and Amy Rose is at ringside with LFI. This match had a little bit of everything - solid in-ring action, a brawl on the outside, and crazy dives. The heel trio worked over the champ, PCO, early. Brody put VE in charge for just a moment before LFI triple teamed Marty and then Brody. PCO and Brody teamed up to clear the ring which led to PCO diving onto all three members of LFI. Chaos reigned supreme at Honor Reigns Supreme when all six men started trading signature moves. PCO successfully hit his apron senton on Kenny, but King was able to kick out. LFI picked up the win when Rush and Kenny had Marty up for a double powerbomb and Lee came off the top with a double stomp. Really good six man. Would recommend watching this on the actual Honor Reigns Supreme show so that you do not have to deal with commercial breaks. Winners: La Faccion Ingobernable 

Overall another good week of TV. The Bouncers tag was a good TV match, but the main event made the show worth watching.    

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