WWE SmackDown! The One Where Goldberg Returns.

Live from San Jose, Wrestlemania season is in full swing. Surprisingly, Baron Corbin and his goons weren’t the opening promo but the Miz came out with John Morrison instead. The two talked about the return of The Dirt Sheet with Once Upon a Time….On the Dirt Sheet. The Miz, John Morrison and Morrison’s legit man-bun was quickly interrupted by The New Day.

The New Day obliterated the trailer for Once Upon a Time….On the Dirt Sheet with their typical humor and banter between each other. Miz and Morrison weren’t having any of it. Right before Kofi could get back on the mic, the Uso’s made their way to the ring too to remind Miz and Morrison they have never beat them. 

Dolph Ziggler’s music popped and as he and Roode made their way to the ring Miz and Morrison attacked The New Day. This leads to the first match of the night. 

Roode and Ziggler vs The Uso’s

The match started in a fury with Roode and Jimmy Uso going at it. Jay took over, Roode distracted the ref allowing Dolph to trip Jay up from outside the ring. This was the first big momentum shift, allowing team Dolph and Roode to take over. Jay continued to get pummeled by Dolph and Roode as the two kept making quick tags and masterfully distracting the referee.

Dolph and Roode maintained the momentum and pulled off a zig zag to a spinebuster which almost ended the match but Jimmy stopped the count. Dolph and Roode had the distraction game on point. Jay almost made a tag but Roode as the legal man stopped him from getting there. Jay was able to capitalize on the distraction from his brother, sneak under Roode’s legs and get the tag. 

Jimmy was able to get control but the momentum still didn’t shift the Uso’s way. Dolph cocked and loaded for a super kick, Jimmy countered and hit Dolph with a kick of his own. Jimmy got the tag and Jay went for a splash from the top rope but was blocked by Dolph’s knees. Jimmy helped his brother out by taking Dolph out of the picture, Jimmy landed an Uso splash and got the pin center ring. Fun match, a lot of back and forth with some masterful in-ring heel work. Roode and Dolph make it look so easy to be so bad.

Backstage promo with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Alexa beat Bayley for the Smackdown title before and it was done in San Jose. Alexa claims to have a little something twisted up her sleeve, the main event of the night is a fatal 4-way between Carmella, Alexa, Dana Brooke and Naomi.

Video package showing last weeks main event, the loser eats dog food 6-man tag team match. Which lead us to the production truck in the back and King Corbin assaulted the man who played the video package, politely using the man’s face to open the door to the trailer and tossing him down the stairs. This was quickly broken up by referees and Smackdown officials. 

Ladies and Gentlemen. Elias! 

Elias started his thing with a complete shredding of his acoustic guitar center ring. San Jose was feeling it and were more than ready to walk with Elias in his match against Cesaro. Elias introduces his new song, “Third Times The Charm” which was unfortunately interrupted by Cesaro and Paul Heyman...sorry Sami Zayn.

Sami delivered more excellent mic work reminding Elias how it isn’t fun to be interrupted like Elias did last week to him. Elias has had a rough run in the past couple of years when it comes to being interrupted. Sami promised Elias he was going to pay, at the hands of Cesaro.

Cesaro vs Elias

There’s a lot of heat with these two and it showed in the match, the back and forth started early and it was fast with Elias going for the first pinfall attempt. Sami distracted the ref allowing Cesaro to gain control. Cesaro brought the match back into the ring, went for a pin attempt but Elias kicked out after only one. Elias started to fight back but Cesaro maintained control throughout this portion of the match and landed a fantastic gut wrench suplex, Elias kicked out at two.

Cesaro went to an almost five count with some closed-fisted action, he was forced back by the ref allowing Sami to sucker punch Elias. Cesaro kept going for submissions, Elias countered with a back suplex and countered a spear attempt with a kick to the face, followed by a running knee by Elias. Cesaro was able to get up and force Elias to lose his balance on the top rope, Cesaro attempted a superplex, Elias reversed and was still up top, but Cesaro landed a jumping uppercut, momentum officially shifted.

Cesaro landed a superplex and when it looked like it was over, Elias kicked out at two. Elias reversed the neutralizer, and went for two quick pin attempts. Cesaro launched Elias into an uppercut but Elias kicked out at two. This match was back and forth most of the time but the momentum toward the end didn’t stay with one man too long before shifting and went back and forth at a faster pace. The two trade shots, back and forth, middle of the ring. Cesaro took some time to taunt which allowed Elias to get some momentum back.

Elias slammed Cesaro in the center of the ring, landed a flying elbow from the top rope and got the three count in the center of the ring. San Jose that was Elias! Fun match, Cesaro is truly a beast with a great moveset, these two brought it and Sami always makes things more entertaining.

King Corbin interrupted Michael Cole and showed up with a microphone. One of the best heels in the business demands the fans bow down and listen to him. He was fired up about the dog food and took a shot at the 49ers which was really quite hilarious. King Corbin demanded one more match with Roman Reigns, he’s literally the only person who wants to see that. 

The King stated he is the king of Smackdown and the show wouldn’t continue until the big dog made his way to the ring. King Corbin dumped a drink on a fans head which again, was quite hilarious. Before Corbin could dump another drink on the fan, Roman’s music popped.

Roman handled King Corbin and hit him with a drive by. Corbin then ran away and Roman took a mic. Roman stated their next match will be inside a steel cage. 

Who’s Next?

GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG! Bill Goldberg joined Cole and Graves live. With all the rumors swirling around Cole asked Goldberg “who’s next?”

Goldberg has the itch again which is a guaranteed train wreck. Goldberg mentioned the Universal Championship and the man himself, Bray Wyatt interrupted with Firefly Funhouse News doing a brilliant news desk segment. 

The Fiend accepted the challenge by Goldberg, Mercy the buzzard delivered the weather report stating it will be a cold day in hell before the Fiend loses the Universal Championship. Goldberg went zero to holy crap in under a second, cutting off Bray and said “The Fiend, Bray Wyatt, you’re next!” Goldberg quickly vanished, probably, to go smash his face against something hard. Great segment overall.

Backstage cameras showed Daniel Bryan in the locker room watching that segment. Heath Slater made an appearance and talked to Daniel Bryan about how Goldberg doesn’t realize what he’s getting himself into. Heath bit off more than he could chew and was challenged by Daniel Bryan to a match, right now. 

Heath Slater vs Daniel Bryan

The yes movement was on fire in San Jose. The match started quick with a running knee by Bryan to the face of Slater. Bryan was inside the ring, outside the ring and back inside again. Bryan landed several yes kicks in the middle of the ring. Heath’s “encouraging” words were not met with acceptance by Daniel Bryan and he landed another running knee on Slater and he wasn’t done yet. Bryan toyed with Slater, and just beat him in the middle of the ring. Bryan submitted Slater in the center of the ring, he was out cold, Daniel Bryan won a quick and fairly pointless match. 

Braun Strowman, the new IC champ made his way to the ring. The San Jose crowd was hot all night and they gave Braun an awesome welcome. Renee Young asked Braun how it felt to be the IC champion. Braun’s first singles title is one of the most prestigious titles in the history of WWE.

Of course Braun is interrupted by Sami and Shinsuke. Sami demanded a championship rematch due to Braun’s win last week being “fraudulent” and Braun accepted the challenge saying he would defend anytime, anywhere. The Revival attacked Braun as Sami was talking about their “resources”. 

Shinsuke got involved in the attack, but those three weren’t enough for the monster among men. Braun wiped out Dawson and Wilder in his pursuit of Sami. Sami slipped out of his coat and made it back into the ring allowing the king of strongstyle to deliver a knee to the IC champ’s face.

Otis has a date with Mandy Rose on Valentine’s Day and the man is getting prepared! He and Tucker were in the back and cut another great promo. Tucker, the master of romance, had a plan to get Otis in shape for his big day. Cut to an awesome 80’s like mash up and cuts.

After several outfits, Otis settles on a nice blazer which Tucker ripped the sleeves off of. Otis attempted to eat a steak with his bare hands, but Tucker reminded him of the silverware and Otis with his belly quickly flipped the table over. Fun promo, these two guys are great and this date is sure to be absolutely incredible. There isn’t another romance in WWE more important than this.

Sheamus vs Apollo Crews

This match started quick with Apollo in control early. Sheamus was able to dodge a splash and land a brogue kick. The entire match took about eighteen seconds. Sheamus prepared to attack Apollo after the match and Shorty G ran to the ring but he also received a brogue kick. Maybe one day, Shorty G will stop trying to block those with his face, it’s not working out for him. They needed time to fill, not a lot but some time and they filled it with this “match.”

Fatal 4-way main event. Carmella vs Alexa Bliss vs Dana Brooke vs Naomi with Bayley ringside. The winner of this gets a shot at Bayley for the Smackdown women’s title.

Carmella gained an advantage over Alexa while Naomi and Dana went at it on the other side of the ring. All women go back and forth trying to land quick pin falls. Dana landed a nice elbow to the face of Carmella but was short-lived as Alexa landed a basement dropkick. San Jose is feeling the glow especially with her high risk moves taking down the other three women.

No matter what Bayely does, the crowd just can’t help but cheer for her. Fatal 4-ways have no DQ and this was taken advantage of by Bayley as she threw Naomi into the steel steps. Bliss, Dana and Carmella were fighting in the ring and when Naomi got back in the mix it was a game changer as she came in and handled all of them.

Bayley was yelling “stop her!’ anytime Naomi got some momentum. Dana landed a massive power bomb on Alexa and almost got the pin. Carmella moonwalked multiple times which allowed herself to get into a bad situaion multiple times. Naomi kept landing high risk moves and a brilliant offense, sticking and moving. Dana’s power was the only thing that could slow the glow.

Naomi reversed Dana with a great stunner but she couldn’t capitalize as Bliss landed a nice drop kick allowing Alexa to take control. Naomi tries to get a pinfall attempt, but Alexa kicks out. Naomi slams her and delivers a leg drop, Bliss kicked out at two. Bayley looked concerned any time Naomi was in control. 

Naomi and Bliss were trading shots on the top rope, Bliss reversed and tried to get a pinfall but Naomi kicked out at two. All four women make it back to the ring, Naomi used Bliss as a literal weapon on Carmella, Naomi landed a split-leg leg drop and almost got the pin.

The back and forth in this match was crazy. All four had their spots and tried to get quick pinfalls. Alexa went for twisted bliss but Naomi countered with her knees, Carmella delivered two kicks to Naomi which gave Carmella the victory.

Bayley was quick to come in and slam Carmella face first into the ring, Carmella won the match and will be Bayley’s next challenger. Bayley didn’t seem concerned at all with Carmella winning. Overall this was a fun match, all of these ladies landed some great moves and the back and forth was rapid, making it very interesting, congrats to Carmella.

This was another fun Smackdown was some good moments. The Corbin-Reigns feud should be coming to an end after super showdown and let’s not forget about Mandy and Otis!

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