AEW Dynamite: Jericho/Hardy Clash of Words Highlights Strong AEW Show

AEW Dynamite Review 3-18-20                        Use for all of your PPV needs! 

By: Maria Rose

Another week of no audiences for the wrestling world. This time AEW kept the wrestlers backstage cheering and booing instead of ringside. This was supposed to be Blood & Guts week, I think they handled the hold off well and turned a few storylines around.

First match of the night was Cody Rhodes vs Jimmy Havoc. Good match and I enjoy Jimmy Havocs wrestling style. Cody got the win, but it was nice to see Havoc on Dynamite.

Jake Roberts has a message for Cody about Lance Archer. He wants to face him.
Cody gets back on commentary and says Lance Archer can have his debut match next week. He just doesn’t tell us with who.

We see a video package of Darby Allin talking about Kip Sabian and he has creepy masks of all the Inner Circle members. I love the dark side of him.

Next match was Darby Allin vs Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford ringside. Both are great wrestlers. Darby picked up the win and I loved this match a lot. Darby Allin is magic. I see him as the future of the business.

Third match of the night was Jake Hager vs Chico Adams. Just a match to show how strong and powerful Jake Hager is. Chico put up a good attempt, but Hager won.

Jon Moxley came out and walked up to Hager and they fought. Hager ends up leaving.
Backstage Moxley said he told everyone to check their blind spots and he’s fully cleared to compete.

Now we see Brodie Lee sitting at a table and being a goddamn good leader. No one can eat before he finishes eating, and no one can even sneeze. He fits as The Exalted One!

The fourth match of the night was QT Marshall vs Brodie Lee in his debut match. Brodie Lee won as I think everyone knew would happen. He looked strong and had a good match. Can’t wait to see more from him now that he’s in AEW.

Vanguard-1 goes and checks in on Nick Jackson, he looks like he’s doing ok.

Main event time. Sammy Guevara vs. Kenny Omega for the AAA championship, which Kenny holds. This was an enjoyable match and Sammy likes to bite apparently. Kenny picked up the win. Both are so talented. Kenny is one of the best wrestlers in the world in my opinion and Sammy held his own. Sammy is another one who will be the future of this business. He’s got it.

Kenny then joins commentary again, and Chris Jericho comes out. He offers Matt Hardy to join Inner Circle. Then, Vanguard-1 comes down and he cuts a promo on the drone. Who else can do that so good? No one. Then he asks Vanguard-1 to join Inner Circle and the drone leaves.
Matt Hardy then teleports through the arena and his Broken gimmick is so entertaining I’m glad to see it fully back. Jericho and Matt go back and forth at each other and both delivered on the promos. Matt made a factual statement that AEW represents freedom for him. Glad he’s there.
After the arguing back and forth, Inner Circle comes out and starts attacking Matt. Kenny and Cody then come down and help fight off Inner Circle.

With everything being so uncertain lately, I have no idea what’s going to happen next week. Most likely there will be no audience again. I’m thankful for pro wrestling still giving us entertainment weekly. Hopefully this is all over soon and everyone stays safe! See you next week!

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