Ring of Honor TV Recap: Episode 443

Ring of Honor TV: Episode 443
By Dylan Hager

If you're going to be stuck at home, you might as well watch some wrestling! Time for this weeks ROH!

The show opens with look back at Lethal and Gresham winning the tag titles from the Briscoes.

The lovely Quinn McKay welcomes us to the show. Tonight's main event is Lethal and Gresham vs Cobb and Maff in a proving ground match. We also have Session Moth vs Sumie and a #1 Contenders Battle Royal. All three matches are from the Free Enterprise show in February.

Honor Rumble
Up first is the Honor Rumble! The winner will receiver a future World Title shot! Participants include: Silas Young, Josh Woods, Blue Meanie, Tracy Williams, Cheeseburger, Danhausen, Brian Johnson, PJ Black, Beer City Bruiser, Brian Milonas, Dak Dapper, Delirious, Gangrel, Eli Isom, Crowbar, LSG, Rhett Titus, Dragon Lee, Kenny King, and Maria Manic. So many unique personalities in this match! Dak looked great early. Poor Danhausen felt the wrath of the Bouncers. Kenny, Woods, and Silas spent most of the match on the outside. Brian Johnson eliminated his "mentor" PJ Black, just to be eliminated by the Man Eater immediately after.  Maria also eliminated both Bouncers at the same time by herself. Bully Ray came down and helped to eliminate Maria. He then hit her with a chair and put her through a ringside table. The match came down to Dragon Lee, Kenny King, Silas, and Woods. Josh accidentally knocked Silas off the apron, eliminating Young. Lee immediately eliminated Woods. Kenny came in from behind in an attempt to eliminate Dragon Lee, but Lee was able to "skin the cat." Lee took off his mask, revealing Flip Gordon underneath. Flip eliminated Kenny for the win! Really fun match! Winner: Flip Gordon

Quinn is backstage with Flip. They say Flip will get his title shot at Supercard of Honor, which we now know will not be happening at its originally scheduled date.

Next up is highlights from Session Moth Martina's debut vs Sumie Sakai. Martina is so different from every other competitor in the Women of Honor division, and that is a very good thing. Martina won the match with the Jager Bomb. The full match is available on Honor Club and FITE!

 Quinn catches up with Sumie backstage, and Sumie tells Quinn to "shut up."

Main event time!

Proving Ground Match: Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham vs Dan Maff and Jeff Cobb
This match ruled! Both teams are very good for as short a time as they've been teaming. Cobb and Maff got off to a hot start, but the champs controlled the middle of the match. Maff pinned Lethal after countering a Lethal Injection with a Burning Hammer. Maff and Cobb have earned a future shot at the tag titles. With the current state of the world, who knows when that shot will come. Loved this match. Love all four guys involved. Go out of your way to watch it! Winners: Dan Maff and Jeff Cobb

Great episode this week! Go order a show from FITE, and help support the bWb team!

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