IMPACT Wrestling Recap: 4-7-20

IMPACT Wrestling 4-7-20
From Atlanta, GA
Available on AXS TV and Twitch
By Dylan Hager

I think it is Tuesday. Who even knows what day it is anymore? Lets watch some IMPACT!

We start with a look at what went down last week between Tessa, Eddie, Elgin, and The North. We also see Ken Shamrock walking around backstage.

Willie Mack comes out and calls out Ace Austin and Reno Scum. Mack says he won't leave until they come out. Reno Scum comes down, and Mack challenges them to a handicap match.

Willie Mack vs Reno Scum
Willie started off hot, but Scum took control thanks to their numbers advantage. Mack was able to fight back and beat Luster with the Frog Splash. This was a quick match. Not a lot to it, but it certainly wasn't bad. Really your basic handicap match. Winner: Willie Mack

Ace Austin came down after the match and laid out Willie. I really can't wait for Austin vs Mack.

Kylie Ray is backstage and runs into Gail. Gail welcomes her to IMPACT. Kylie then runs into Susie. They're getting along, but Kiera comes up. Hogan says Kylie's next match is with her, and Hogan challenges Susie for a match tonight.

Chris Bey vs Daga
This match had a very quick pace and a lot of high flying action. Two of IMPACT's newest stars left everything in the ring. Daga hit a big running dive off the ramp. Daga went for a sunset flip, but Bey held onto the middle rope and trapped Daga for the shady three count. Really good match. Winner: Chris Bey

This week's IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is Amazing Red vs Chris Sabin vs Robbie E vs Max Buck vs Jeremy Buck vs Brian Kendrick vs Jay Lethal vs Suicide in a #1 Contenders Escape Match from Lockdown 2011.

Taya is backstage hitting John E. Bravo with a chair. Bravo is wrapped in all kinds of padding, but he says it still hurts. Taya wants the Knockouts Title back.

We go to the Rascalz tree house. The Deaners, XXXL, and Fallah and TJP were all invited to the tree house. Trey and Wentz end up leaving. Really nothing happening here. Okay....

Madison Rayne vs Havok
Havok dominated early. Madison put up a fight, but Havok's size was too much for the Locker Room Leader. Havok hit a Tombstone for the win. Really just a glorified squash match, but it was fun while it lasted. Winner: Havok

Tessa and Eddie are backstage. Tessa complains about Eddie helping her last week. Eddie says that they have a shot at winning the tag titles, and they need each others help to win the titles.

Jimmy Jacobs is with Ken Shamrock. Shamrock says the fireball from Sami damaged his retinas. He says Sami has no respect for the other wrestlers. Shamrock says he'll get his revenge on Sami at Rebellion. Sami causes the lights to flicker, and Shamrock runs out to find him. For what its worth, Rebellion has been cancelled due to Corona.

OVE vs Tommy Dreamer and Rhino
Madman Fulton accompanied OVE to the ring. The ECW legends took control early.Fulton got involved in the match, leading to his ejection from ringside. The Crist brothers were able to things around on Tommy. Rhino made the hot tag and cleared house. Rhino hit Jake with a Gore for the win. Fulton came back down and laid out Dreamer and Rhino. Winners: Rhino and Tommy Dreamer

Rosemary is back at the bar, and she runs into Swinger. Swinger says he has one of the "Young Bucks," and he is bringing him next week.

Kiera Hogan vs Susie
Susie got off to a hot start, but a hair pull allowed Hogan to take charge. Hogan landed a nice superkick, but Susie kicked out at two. Susie looked for her glove but couldn't find it. Hogan hit her neckbreaker for the win. Winner: Kiera Hogan

Elgin approaches The North backstage. He wants the tag champs to take out Tessa and Eddie in the main event.

Jimmy Jacobs is backstage with Tenille. Tenille has issues with Taya. Next week it will be Taya vs Tenille!

IMPACT Tag Title Match: The North (c) vs Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards
Eddie and Tessa have individual success, but they struggle to work as a team early on. The North use their teamwork to take control and keep the advantage for most of the match. Honestly, Josh and Ego might be the best team in the world. Eddie and Tessa finally start to work together, and all four competitors are left laying on the mat. Eddie and Tessa got a near fall on Josh after a double team. Tessa went for Magnum, but Josh caught her. The North double team Tessa, but Eddie breaks up the pin attempt. Tessa chooses to keep fighting instead of making the tag. The North use Tessa to knock Eddie of the apron, and hit their finish on Tessa for the win. Big win for The North, and Josh gets a pin on the World Champ. Great match!! Winners: The North

After the match Eddie offers Tessa a hand, but Tessa pushes him away. Elgin comes in from behind and lays out Tessa. Eddie walks away instead of helping Tessa.

Pretty good episode tonight. I loved the main event, but there wasn't a ton else on the show. Looking forward to Taya vs Tenille next week!

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