Forty Of The Week - Hurricane Malt Liquor

It's been over four years since the last forty of the week installment, but we are back and ready to rock you with Hurricane Malt Liquor as the forty of the week!

The classic Hurricane Malt Liquor has been one of the illusive 40's that I have never able to get my hands on up until a few weeks ago. We featured the 8% abv. Hurricane High Gravity as a malt liquor of the week in the past, but the original 6% abv. Hurricane was no where to be found, until today!

While Hurricane High Gravity is a solid malt liquor, the classic Hurricane is right up there with it.

The Hurricane is basic and smooth. For being a malt liquor it has a non distinct taste. At 6% abv. it won’t push you over the edge. If you are looking for a 40oz you can pound down quick so you crack open another one, Hurricane is the answer.

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