Malt Beverage Of The Week - Steel Reserve Spiked Tropic Storm

It's been over two years since we took a ride to 211 Alloy Series road, but we are back knocking on their door with Steel Reserve Spiked Tropic Storm as the malt beverage of the week! 

211 Spiked Tropic Storm is not a new beverage by any means since it was officially released in January 2019, but I had been unable to track it down in my travels until this past weekend. My first thoughts of the 211 after it's initial announcement, and by just looking at the name and color of the can was that it's going to be another hard Mountain Dew rip off like the Not Your Fathers Mountain Ale and Four Loko Black. Does it taste any better than those? Let's find out!

Overall it's an enjoyable malt beverage. I got more of a lemon lime type vibe from it, but it went down real easy and gives you a good buzz at the 8% abv. Most of the 211 Alloy Series are solid, and the Steel Reserve Spike Tropic Storm gets a bWb thumbs up!

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