What I Did On My Summer Vacation: Beyond Wrestling's 'Two Weeks Notice'

Beyond Wrestling Presents ‘Two Weeks Notice’
July 26, 2020
Live from the Boardwalk at Atlantic City, NJ
Streaming on IWTV.live

I remember last year seeing Beyond’s All Hands On Deck and thinking ‘wow, that’s a pretty cool idea, having a wrestling show right on the beach’. I never would have expected close to a year later that I’d be, in a way, reliving that concept live and in person. My plan for 2020 was to go to my first Beyond Wrestling show in Tampa during WrestleMania weekend. Of course, situations changed - but damn man, I’m pretty happy with how the whole thing turned out. I’d made plans to go to GCW’s Homecoming event that weekend in Atlantic City...and then two weeks before the event itself, Beyond announced its first live show since earlier this year. The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect for me.

One of the most amazing things about that Sunday afternoon on the Boardwalk was meeting the Beyond regulars who’d turned out for the event. I absolutely loved finally getting to connect with everyone I’d seen so many times on IWTV for both seasons of Uncharted Territory; these were the die-hards I’d envied so much for their close access to the White Eagle. It was a treat to see all of their (masked) faces and show everyone some love. The sun was high in the sky by the time the event started, I’d just finished tormenting poor DC enough prior to the show with the threat of social non-distance, and my seat was in a prime location right near the right hard camera turnbuckle. Big Daddy Rich Palladino was on the ready in the announcer’s position, and that brought it all home. I made it to Beyond, bay-beeeee...this is it

On commentary: Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella

I must shout-out all of the love to Sidney Bakabella for politely introducing himself to me before the show. I’m sure at this point Crockett & Bakabella know that I hold them in the highest regard as commentators (as long as Crockett holds Bakabella accountable, of course), so it was wonderful to finally get to meet and consent to hug a shirtless Sidney there on the pier that day. I’m also happy to have said hello to Paul as well and thank him for reading these reviews. It’s guys like him that keep me serious, you know...

Spotlight Match: Benjamin Carter vs. Slade

Prior to the live stream we got to see Benjamin Carter, who had a full weekend of matches with GCW and Beyond, take on Slade in a singles bout. This was my first time seeing Slade in person and the dude’s legit intimidating, like as intense looking outside the ring as he is when he’s working. When Beyond is back up and running for good in Worcester I’d love to see both Carter & Slade back working regularly on what will hopefully be Season 3 of Uncharted Territory. Fine opening match just as the sun was really starting to heat things up; Slade got the win but Carter put on an impressive showing.

Match 1: ‘Platinum’ Max Caster (with the Shook Crew - Bryce Donovan, Bobby Orlando, and Bobby Jr.) vs. Allie Kat

Oh no, Caster. I saw that diss video that the Shook Crew made for Allie Kat. They have no place to talk about anyone when the only remotely likable member of their crew is Bobby Jr. and he spends most of the time not talking to them anyway. When I wrote the preview for this match I was hesitant to think that Caster could attempt to win this match without his crew at ringside, and I was right. Donovan and Orlando stuck to their boy like gum on a shoe and ran just the type of dirty interference we’ve known from them. Good thing for dear Allison that she had friends on her side too, even if they weren’t personally invited by DC. WARHORSE and EFFY evened up the score near the end of the match after it was clear the Shook Crew were looking to cheat from start to finish. Once the playing field was leveled, Allie Kat was able to get a satisfying pin on Caster for the win.

Match 2: Bear Country vs. Injustice (Myron Reed & Jordan Oliver)

I really did think this match would be the last time we’d see Injustice in a Beyond ring for a while! Looks like I was the one in the wrong, because Myron & Jordan were able to hang with the Bears for all they were worth. Maybe it could be ring rust or just needing to find their footing again as a team, but Bear Country didn’t bring their usual strong showing to this match. Injustice was able to capture the victory, and as good as they work together I hope we see Jordan Oliver and Myron again in Beyond since they proved they can get past one of the best tag teams the promotion has to offer. 

Match 3: Lee Moriarty vs. Wheeler YUTA

Greatness from both Yutes and Lee in this one! I can’t express enough how remarkable these two looked in the ring in the hottest part of the day on the pier. Moriarty left one hell of an impression on the Beyond crowd although YUTA was the one to gain a well-earned victory. I’d love to see more matches with these two, and Moriarty would make an excellent Beyond regular once the time is right. I’m feeling pretty positive about the future of the promotion now that the next crop of fresh young talent has been discovered and are finding their place in the spotlight. Good on Lee and please come back.

Match 4: Willow Nightingale vs. Pinkie Sanchez

One word...BUBBLES! I just adore wholesome Willow and had to herald her entrance with the help of a bubble wand. It just made things more magical, is all. This match was a good time; I liked watching Pinkie take on his complete opposite in personality by going up against Willow. Classic face vs. heel bout that gave us a good look at how Willow and Pinkie can go as singles competitors instead of the tag team specialties we’ve seen from both of them. Willow took the pinfall victory in the end and I celebrated with a lil’ bit of the bubble wand. Fun match!

Match 5: Christian Casanova vs. Blake Christian

Here’s the show-stealer, friends. Yes, I thought YUTA/Moriarty was great but this match was something wonderful. Blake Christian’s Beyond debut would be him going up against Christian Casanova? Excellent booking. I can’t tell you the amount of times I leapt up out of my chair for this one; both Blake and Casanova put on a dramatic show for everyone watching. If there was ring rust on the part of either of these two, I didn’t feel it had any effect on the match. Be sure to go back and watch this one in particular if you’ve not seen the show yet; it’s a thriller. Casanova got the win over the newcomer with all heart, however, but I have all certainty we’ll see Blake Christian in the Beyond ring again in the near future.

Match 6: Second Gear Crew (Manders, Mance Warner, and Matthew Justice) vs. Murder Deppen Kill (Nick Gage, Tony Deppen, and Chris Dickinson)

At this point in the show it was hot as hell and I’d been drinking all throughout the show, so this match came just in time. When you’re on a sun-kissed buzz like that there isn’t a whole lot out there like seeing six guys slamming each other inside and out of the ring trying to beat the hell out of one another. I did enjoy in particular the ‘Murder Deppen Kill’ name and Gage’s reaction to it during the introductions. I was pretty split down the middle as to who to root for in this one, but I will always solidly be behind Nick Gage no matter what...because his entrance is just so intense and monumental. Speaking of Gage, I hadn’t even noticed right away he’d gotten injured during the later part of the match since I was directly across the other side of the ring when it happened, but word got around quick that the King was hurt. Praise to everyone involved in the match for carrying on to the finish and Murder Deppen Kill victory despite the accident; both teams handled a spur of the moment situation well. 

Match 7: Rickey Shane Page vs. WARHORSE (IWTV Championship Match)
Damn it, RSP. Damn it, 44OH. They honestly were out to try and ruin the whole weekend no matter what promotion they showed up in. Naturally RSP’s boys would do their special kind of gate crashing in the main event, putting WARHORSE’s IWTV championship at risk. The last thing RSP needs, however, is another championship title and the last thing anybody needs is RSP as IWTV champion. These are rather persistent Ohio bastards we’re dealing with, however. Inevitably 44OH cost RSP his chance at the championship by getting him disqualified, but somehow I don’t think the IWTV title match was the point for RSP. He just wanted to flex his little crew clout in yet another promotion. WARHORSE, meanwhile, remains our reigning and ass-ruling champion.

Post-Show Thoughts

When, oh when will I get to Worcester? I can’t let this be the only live Beyond event I see this year. Now that I’ve made it a point to see a show I’m determined to make it to the White Eagle whenever I can. I had an incredible time at Two Weeks Notice and I’m forever thankful to DC and the Beyond family for seeing me and greeting me on spot. Believe me, when the surroundings are finally right again I’ll be bringing the same energy up to New England for any Beyond show I can get to. Slowly but surely things are coming back on the independent scene and I want to be right there in person to support this promotion as much as I can!

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