The Reel Geno Presents: Reel Bumming


Hey Yo! (Do the cool kids still say that?)  What's going on!?  My name is Geno Reynolds aka The Reel Geno and I'm the newest member of the bWb Family...Clique...Club...which wrasslin' term am I supposed to use here?  Anyway, when I told Dennis (Dubay) I was going to do this, I wasn't sure when I was going to start, what I was even going to talk about, etc.  I mean, I do review movies and play games on my YouTube Channel, so maybe I could talk about that.  While I don't watch a ton of wrestling anymore, I will always be a lifelong fan and I still follow it like one.  I am a huge fan of MMA and have been since I watched Randy Couture knock Tim Silvia on his butt before embarrassing him for five rounds to take the Heavyweight Strap...and I'll call it whatever I want to call it Vince!

I guess the first thing I can do is talk about myself so that those that read this know who it is that thinks they're a decent enough writer to go public with it.

As I said before, my name is Geno Reynolds.  I'm older than I like to admit and feel even older sometimes.  If you see me in person or in one of my videos, you might say, "That cartoon image isn't a very good representation of you, fatso!"...a real reply I've gotten on my channel before and to which I reply, "You're right...I'm much more of a cartoon character than that."  I like to think I can be pretty funny, but since humor is subjective, who really knows?  I'm a fan of a lot of things, some I mentioned above, and like to have fun, non toxic discussions about them...I know, I know...almost impossible on the internet, right?

On a serious note, I'm the single dad of two great kiddos, Andy and his younger brother Ryno (Ryan).  I love my sons more than anything and while there are struggles sometimes, those boys keep me ticking.  Okay...that's about as serious as I'm going to get right now...

As I mentioned, I'm single and as Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Park, "I'm always on the lookout for a future Ex-Mrs. Reynolds..."  I kid, of course, but I do hope to find somebody someday...hopefully sooner than later...ladies...ladies???

One thing I do hope to accomplish from doing this blog is getting to connect with more people.  I have found my YouTube channel at a bit of a standstill at the moment...that has lasted way too long.  Now, I'm not doing this to "get YouTube famous" or anything like that...I mean, can we really trust YouTube, Twitch and all the other sites to make a living?  No, what I'm wanting to do is meet more cool people that, like me, just want to have a good time with these hobbies/interests/loves of ours.  If they have channels and we connect, I'm hoping to work with them as well.

While I look forward to meeting new people, I look forward to working and having fun with the ones that are on here that I already know, like Dennis (DuBay).  Hey Dennis, should we tell then about the time we "recorded" that WrestleMania segment that never got to air?  While most people who knows what happened there might think I'm being mean, Dennis gets my humor and we can laugh about long as you've learned how to press record, homie!

All joking aside (again), when I get to do some stuff on here, I hope to have a good time and I hope some of you can come along for the ride with me.  Welcome to The Reel Geno Presents: Reel Bumming!

Until next time - Geno

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