Review: New South Pro Wrestling presents Action Clash Episode 27


New South Pro Wrestling presents Action Clash Episode 27

Event Air Date: March 16, 2021

Event Venue: JC Arena in Hanceville, AL

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by Tiffany R. Merryhill

Nearly 30 episodes into New South’s fantastic weekly series and the energy hasn’t slowed down a bit! This past week’s show featured four solid singles matches; the main event was one for the history books, too. The best of the New South Academy’s recent standouts stepped up to the challenge in Episode 27, and I was happy to see fresh talent get a chance to shine. Give this episode a watch if you want to see how bright the future looks for the newer side of the southern independent scene!

On Commentary: Carmen Michael and Mose

The closer we get to Tampa the more I hope promotions are watching Action Clash each week to see how great C.M. and Mose are at calling the action. Give these two a chance to work everywhere, either as a team or even solo their work is quality. IWTV has gold in its possession with these two; why not consider giving Carmen Michael and Mose a few minutes of additional time to cover extra New South scoops and information to air between shows?

Match 1: Kevin Ryan vs. Sean Campbell (w/Ravenna Vein)

This opening match set an excellent tone for the rest of the night. Both Kevin Ryan and Sean Campbell were on fire with something to prove, and it made the match that much more of a classic. Sean Campbell fought for the pride and power of this new version of Wasted Generation while Kevin Ryan maintains his independence from his former partnership with their leader Shean Christopher. Campbell proves himself a worthy member of the brotherhood in this opening match; he goes to battle with Kevin Ryan and leaves a lasting impression. The Braindead one, however, has experience and a hell of a lot of skill in his favor. The result of this was a victory for Kevin Ryan, but one can’t ignore how quickly Sean Campbell and the rest of his brotherhood are catching up to Kevin’s level.

Match 2: Tony Frank vs. JD Rush

You have to look at JD Rush in a different way after this match. It’s a bold thing to go one on one with Tony Frank to begin with. To actually get just a little offense in on the big man? That’s another thing entirely. Or perhaps it just made Tony Frank even madder, which is more likely. A very one-sided contest with Tony dominating and just showing off on behalf of The Cortege. Good way to broadcast himself as a monster, because that’s exactly what Tony did here. Respect to Rush, but Frank got the victory and made quite an example of his strength as well.

Match 3: Steven Michaels vs. Duncan Mitchell

Here’s just one writer’s speculation, but I’d say Steven Michaels is slightly resentful of the upcoming young prospect Duncan Mitchell. I can’t even ‘Dammit, Steven’ him on that; Mitchell’s talented enough to trigger the wrath of a lot of the New South roster, especially the ones who look at competition like fresh meat. So I understand it (somewhat) when the Alpha Wolf went after the Prospect with the viciousness of someone bent on soundly defeating their opponent. Eliminate any potential threat, right? Good thing Duncan Mitchell doesn’t go out that easy. In fact, this match was one of the bigger challenges I’ve seen Steven have in the ring recently. Mitchell’s a force to be reckoned with, and perhaps that’s why it took a rake to the eyes and a little ref distraction on Steven’s part to give him the leverage needed for a dirty victory. Yeah yeah, win by whatever means you can...but I think we know things may have ended up a lot differently without underhanded tactics!

Main Event: Johnny Swinger vs. Daniel Perez

I can confirm that the main event for Episode 27 is classified as the spiciest ever. Johnny Swinger in New South is something grand in itself, and to see him go one on one against the Hot Tamale himself was bound to be memorable. Having Daniel Perez close out the show against Swinger gave the main event that much more of a ‘big match’ feel, and I’ll say Perez is taking himself places in 2021. He looked first-rate in this match against Swinger, an established longtime talent who can still go and deliver in the ring. Solid match that showed off Perez’s fun side along with his fiery skillset. Glad to see Perez get the victory in the end; proof positive that he’s got good things ahead this year if he can close out a show with a match like this!

Post-Show Thoughts

Storytelling, storytelling, storytelling! New South is great at it and it’s something that needs to be seen weekly and experienced live. Episode 27 was a nice blend of solid storytelling and boosting the newer names on the roster. I admire the promotion for its dedication to its homegrown people; New South is very good at utilizing the large viewing platform of IWTV to spring forth a lot of talent that came through their doors. In the months ahead look for names like Sean Campbell and Brayden Toon and Duncan Mitchell in any number of promotions; they’ll be booked. Just remember they had their start on Action Clash!

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