The Clean Sheet: Volume 2, Issue 1


The Clean Sheet: Volume 2, Issue 1

By @olskoololfool


The Clean Sheet is back, here to highlight the good folks, good things and good Independent pro wrestling!  This issue will focus on another dozen (not sure why I’m obsessed with the number 12…), but this time it will be the twelve matches that I believe will get tongues wagging, get eyes open wide and elevate the parties involved over this Mania Week 2021. Six matches have been chosen from both sides of the imaginary fence: IWTV’s Showcase of Independents & GCW’s The Collective Remix.

As is the case every year, they are title matches, dream matches and scrambles galore over multiple events.  What I’d like to do in this issue of the Clean Sheet is talk a little about some bouts that may not look amazing to most or may get looked over for other marquee battles…but have potential to steal shows or at a bare minimum, get folks talking.  Sleep is pretty much non-existent when they are shows non-stop for multiple days, but I guess these are my “don’t sleep on this” picks for the week.


IWTV Showcase of the Independents


IWTV Family Reunion Block B: Bryan Keith v. Alex Kane

The “Bounty Hunter” Keith gets one of his most high-profile appearances outside of Texas to date against the absolutely pistol-hot “Suplex Assassin” Kane.  If you are not familiar with these two, please, go out of your way to catch this one. It will definitely be a fight.


IWTV Family Reunion Block B: Robert Martyr v. Dominic Garrini

A young, hungry “Mat Bully” and Paradigm Pro’s own “UWFi Icon” walk into a ring…but the punchline here is sure to be a furious mat wrestling blast.  Under UWFi rules, matches usually only go 4-5 minutes.  I could see this going 7-8, especially if Garrini dismisses the ability of Martyr.  The “Poison Youth” has zero quit and Dom has seemingly infinite ways to tie someone up…this will be very interesting.


NPU Murdermania: Ace Austin v. Jamie Senegal

Ace & Jamie are quick, flexible, skilled, possess vicious mean streaks and both extremely creative in the ring…so, umm, let’s nix the ring part.  In the wonderfully crazy world of No Peace Underground, the vast majority of fights are no ring deathmatches: Senegal has experience here, Austin does not.  I’m eager to see how the “Undeniable” one handles it.


ACTION/S.U.P. Have Fun, Be Sad: Adam Priest v. Matt Makowski

The mighty HOSS 2021 jacket bearer squares off with the “Team Filthy” submission machine “Weapon X”.  Both men’s stock seems to be rising by the minute, so whoever snags the win in this one will go “to the moon”.  Watch for transitions you’ve never seen before, innovative offense and some crazy hard strikes from both of these rising stars.


Tony Deppen’s BierHaus: Brandon Kirk v. Simon Grimm

I like this match-up a ton: they both can fight, they both can wrestle and I believe neither get the praise they deserve.  I predict this one will start as a good wrestling match that evolves into a great fight, hopefully the aftermath is new-found respect for both athletes.


Beyond Time Capsule: FACADE v. Dave Cole

Dave Cole puts the paintbrush down and the gear back on, coming out of retirement against the extremely underrated Pittsburgh high-flyer FAƇADE.  I’m always fascinated by return matches, mainly because I can’t honestly think of too many that have been bad.  An athlete coming back to their sport of choice knows what it takes to return to form and often go past that level to assure a successful return.  I think this one will be way more special than it may appear on paper.



GCW’s The Collective Remix


Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F: Skye Blue v. Billie Starkz v. Rok-C

Have you ever wanted to see the future of women’s wrestling AND wrestling in general in one 3-way match?  This is your crystal ball/scrying mirror. I’ve really enjoyed all of the Lloyd-produced shows, he’s got a great eye for those who should have more eyes on them.


 Allie Kat’s RHGS: Holidead v. DARK Sheik

I’m not sure if they have thrown down before, but I was really excited when this was announced.  Powerhouse versus technician/flyer, muscle versus hustle, darkness versus, umm, darkness?  All I know is they are both super-talented and deserving of many more opportunities than either currently get.  Should be big fun.


rSpring Break presented by 44.OH!: Gringo Loco, Black Taurus and Arez vs. Laredo Kid, Dragon Bane and Aramis

The lucha equivalent of those Dragon Gate 6-man mindblowers from ROH Mania weekend shows of yore, and I think it’s more than fair to set the bar at such a level.  Nuff said.


VxS Lucid Dreams: No Disqualification Match- Dr. Cube vs. JTG

In of the more insane crossovers in recent memory, the scourge of Kaiju Big Battel has landed in the 90’s fever dream known to fans as Violence X Suffering.  Jay the Gawd will be in the corner opposite of the madman, hot after being attacked by Cube and his goons at the “Violence of the Lambs” event.  Not only will this be a wild contest, but where the heck does this story go next?


Effy’s Big Gay Brunch: Soul On A Pole Match- EFFY vs. Ace Perry

Speaking of stories, this match stems from an Bizarro Lucha event from almost 2 years ago.  On that day, in a Lucha de Apuestas with maybe the highest stakes imaginable, EFFY won Ace’s mortal soul.  Perry hasn’t been the same inside since. With a chance to become whole once more, I’d think Ace will stop at nothing to defeat “Daddy”.  This may end up a very disturbing, ugly match between two gorgeous athletes.


Unsanctioned Pro Fueled by Spite: Casanova Valentine vs. “Hoodfoot” Mo Atlas

A “Saucy Butcher” and a “Hipster Hearthrob”. Big men, heavy hands, huge personalities and violent tendencies…what more could one ask for?  There will be plenty of hoss fights all week,  but in my opinion this one has the most flavor and style.


So there you go, another dozen list because apparently that’s part of my gimmick now. Hope this helps bring a little light to some potential bangers in a very crowded week of wrestling to enjoy.


Hey all you wonderful wrestler/promotions!  If you have events/fundraisers that you would like to see highlighted or are an athlete/company who would like to take on the Forward Five mini-interview, please reach out to me at either @olskoololfool on Twitter or by e-mail,

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