Limitless Wrestling's The Road, Season 3 Episode 6


The Road Season 3 Episode 6

BA Tatum vs Tyree Taylor

This is a hoss match for sure.  We have 2 very strong men who are just looking to hurt someone and prove that they are the toughest person in Limitless.  BA is the first to get the advantage
and Taylor goes to the outside to regroup.  BA goes to get Taylor, but Taylor grabs his head and drives him throat first into the ropes.  Taylor takes over control and starts stomping down BA.  Taylor is taking his time and laying in some punches.  He starts trash taking BA while he is laying in shots, which seems to awaken BA and he gets energized, but that is short lived as Taylor hits him with a running elbow. Taylor goes to the 2nd rope, but BA is able to stop him in his tracks and throws him across the ring.  BA follows that up with a spinning sidewalk slam.  He then hits a Midnight Snack, tears off the shirt and hits a uranage, but Taylor rolls out of the ring. BA goes after him while Taylor is sitting on the apron and Taylor hits him with his steel chain.  He is able to follow this up with the Discus Lariat for the win.  The victory apparently is not enough, as after the match he takes off BA’s weight belt and starts whipping him with it.  Tyree Taylor seems to have a new attitude that is rubbing some people the wrong way, but he is racking up the victories and I guess that is what matters.


Ava Everett open challenge

This open challenge is open to anyone in Limitless except Davienne.   As soon as Ava comes to the ring for the open challenge, Little Mean Kathleen excitedly runs in the ring to answer the challenge.  LMK thanks Ava for the opportunity and they lock up, but Ava piefaces her, showing Little Mean Kathleen no respect at all.  LMK is able to avoid the offense from Ava and gets some early near falls. Kathleen jumps on Ava’s back to try to choke her out, but Ava escapes and hits her with a big boot and then a shockwave for the win.  Ava showed her dominance in this match and went through Kathleen pretty quickly, but she has to know that she has Davienne looking over her shoulder to get her revenge and she is going to have to deal with her sooner rather than later.


Zachary Pierre Beaulieu vs Kirby Wackerman

ZPB comes out with his bottle of wine, as usual.  Kirby gives the ref his glasses and ZPB takes this opportunity to attack him to start the mach.  He stays on the offense until Kirby hits him with a couple of headbutts and ZPB goes to the outside for a drink out of his bottle of wine.  ZPB goes back toward the ring and is hit with a couple of headbutts from Kirby, who has the hardest head in Limitless.  ZPB catches Kirby coming back into the ring, but Kirby grabs ZPB’s arms and hits a couple more headbutts and a Michinoku driver.  Kirby goes to the top turnbuckle, but ZPB grabs him and slams him to the mat.  He then hits a leg sweep on Kirby, crashing him headfirst to the mat.  He throws Kirby to the outside and goes after him.   ZPB tries to suplex Kirby on the floor, but Kirby reverses it and ZPB gets slammed to the hard wood floor.  Kirby flies off the apron and hits ZPB with a torpedo headbutt. They both make it back in the ring and exchange headbutts on their knees.  I do not think this is a battle that ZPB wants and as expected does not win.  Kirby follows it up with a pump handle slam and goes to the top, but ZPB catches him again and drives him into the other corner.  Kirby is able to escape the grasp of ZPB as he drops down, driving ZPB’s back into his knees.  Kirby goes to the top for a third time, but 3rd time is not a charm, as he misses a splash and ZPB hits a big lariat for the win.



Becca vs Masha  Slamovich

This is a match that I have been excited for since it was announced.  Both of these women have been on a roll, but can the power of the scrunchie squad survive what the Russian Dynamite has in store for her?  Before the match starts, Becca takes out a scrunchie from her backpack and offers it to Masha, but Masha kicks it away.  Masha looks to use her power and intimidate Becca, but Becca will not stand down.  They exchange some near falls and   Becca hits a rana, then tries a crossbody off the 2nd rope, but Masha catches her and hits a fallaway slam.  Masha is ferocious and chokes Becca on the ropes.  Becca tries to come back, but Masha catches one of her punches and takes her down with a punch of her own.   Masha gets Becca up and throws her across the ring with a Gutwrench suplex, but only gets a 2 count.  Masha hits Becca with a running knee in the corner and goes for a Yakusa Kick, but Becca moves.  Becca gets fired up and even takes her scrunchie off.  She hits a couple splashes on Masha in the corner and finally a razzle dazzle slap, but that may be the wrong move, as you do not want to anger Masha.  Masha hits Becca with a suplex with a bridge for a near fall.  Becca comes back and they exchange pinfalls. Becca lands a kick to Masha’s head, then a scrunchie driver, but only gets a 2 count.  Masha lays a big boot to Bacca’s face and signals that it is over.  She follows this up with the White Knight Driver and it is in fact over.   This match was as hard fought and exciting as I thought it would be.  Masha was just a little too much for Becca on this occasion, but Becca seems to be learning from every match, so you know she will come out of this even better and tougher than before.

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