MV Young's PolyAm Cult Party 3


The 3rd installment of MV Young’s PolyAm Cult Party looks to be even more loaded than the first two, and that is saying a lot, as the other ones were some of my favorite shows.  This installment will be broadcast on Twitch on Saturday April 24, live from the PolyAm Cult mansion in Pittsburgh and will feature a slew of the best upcoming stars in independent wrestling. 

Ryse, one of the top wrestling companies in Western Pennsylvania will have 2 title matches on the show.  We will see a rematch from the main event of Party Pizza’s CakeOver show between The Mane Event of Midas Black and Jay Lyon against The Mane Event of Duke Davis and Ganon Jones Jr.  That match was incredible and really opened some people’s eyes to Duke and Gannon, who will be defending the Ryse tag team championships.  Midas and Jay won the first match and have made multiple appearances on AEW recently, so they definitely have the momentum, but Duke and Ganon are looking to defend their home turf and even the score.  If this match is anything like the first one it is a going to be a can’t miss.  The other Ryse championship that will be on the line is the Grand Championship, which is somehow currently being held by the Champion Regent Commander Sterling.  They have stated that The Gavel, David Lawless, will “defend” the championship against the winner of the match between Janai Kai and Ziggy Haim.   While I am still not sure how Sterling got the championship from the rightful champion Tony Johnson, this is quite an interesting turn of events as it makes the match between Janai and Ziggy that much more important.  Ziggy has been a regular at Ryse since 2018.  In that time, she has had a very physical rivalry with Londyn Ali, now known Promise Braxton, and had an amazing match with Allie Kat.  She has also teamed with Shawn Phoenix to form the Keystone Dude Core, but you have to figure that she has never faced anyone quite like Janai Kai.  Janai presents a unique skill set, as she has been practicing martial arts her whole life.  She is a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and is skilled in kickboxing and Muay Thai.  Janai has been getting a lot of attention recently, competing in the UWFI Contenders Series at Paradigm Pro and at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport.  Ziggy has proven that she can compete and be successful against bigger opponents her whole career, but she is up for a huge test if she wants to get the shot at the Ryse Grand Championship.

The other title match on the card will be between our host MV Young and Jody for the Wrestler’s Lab championship.  Both of these wrestlers have been having the best year of their careers and look to continue that momentum.  MV won the Wrestler’s Lab championship from Mr. Grim and has defended it in a very physical match against Big Callux and at the last PolyAm Cult Party show in a triple threat match, which also included Jody.  Whenever I asked Jody about that match, he said that this match will be completely different since it is a singles match, and he does not lose singles matches.  He also noted that he was not pined in the triple threat match and that he would have kicked out if he was the one that MV had chosen to pin.  Jody was very impressive at Paradigm’s No Hook shows.  After losing his Party Monster Championship to Billie Starkz, he found new power with an elbow pad and went on to defeat Jeffrey John, Yoya, Charlie Kruel and Kayla Kassidy.  We will see if Jody will be able to use his “special” elbow pad on Saturday and keep his momentum going or if MV will use the power of his many, many partners and defend his Wrestler’s Lab championship at his PolyAm Cult Mansion in what is sure to be an exciting and entertaining matchup. 

Those championship matches are only the tip of the iceberg of this incredibly stacked card.  In one of the biggest matches in the history of the universe we will have Big Callux against PB Smooth.  PB is a very athletic 6’9 wrestler, who is part of 40 Acres with Tre Lamar and AJ Gray, but has certainly been making a name for himself in singles competition.  PB has defeated the likes of AC Mack and O’Shay Edwards, and also had impressive showings against Jon Davis and in Faye Jackson’s Grey Sweatpants Battle Royal at The Collective.  While Callux may not have the resume of PB, he has had show stealing matches against MV Young and CC Boost and he will let you know that he is the BIGGEST wrestler not only on this planet, but the whole universe. 

In a match that may not be as BIG in size a PB and Callux, but certainly is big in talent is Allie Kat against Molly McCoy.  This is a match between 2 of the toughest wrestlers in the indies today.  Allie Kat is one of the most well-known names in the indies and has even hosted her own show, Allie Kat’s Hot Girl Shit at The Collective, where she defeated Billie Starkz in an amazing match.  Allie has proven her toughness in GCW and other promotions going against the top men and women, including the likes of Jordynne Grace, Brett Ison, Max Caster, and even Nick Gage.  Allie has been seen with a more serious attitude and without the whiskers recently, but that will not deter the grittiest wrestler in the game Molly McCoy.  Molly, much like their favorite hockey team, the Flyers, is always ready for a fight.  At the last Polyam Cult Party show, Molly took on Edith Surreal in a no DQ match that was one of the most physical matches of the night.   This will definitely be one of the most physical matches of the event and while Allie may be the favorite due to her experience advantage, you would be foolish to count out Molly.

In a match that will decide who is the scariest wrestler in the indies today we will see Charles Mason against the Independent Wrestling Champion Lee Moriarty.  Charles Mason has been making a name for himself one way or another in the past year.  His demeaner and attitude is much like someone you would see on a true crime show or the American Psycho movies.  This plays into the mind of many of his opponents before the bell even rings, but that will probably not be the case against the self-proclaimed scary wrestler, Lee Moriarty.  Lee has accomplished just about everything that you can, and gone up against some of the biggest names in wrestling this past year, but he has never faced anyone quiet like Charles Mason, so this should be a very interesting matchup to say the least. 

These matches are only the beginning of this stacked lineup, as we have also have the battle between 2 former WWE superstars.  The Extremely Cute Wrestler, Colin Delany, who has been in the ring with the likes of Big Daddy V, The Great Khali, Vladimir Kozlov and many more goes one on one with Nick Stapp, who has appeared on 205 Live against Samir and Sunil Singh.  We will also see 2 powerhouses in Mr. Grim and Chase Holliday battle it out.  One of the fastest rising stars and technical wrestling experts Edith Surreal will take on a member of The Goons and ½ of the Kings of the District, Eel O’Neal.  We will also have a 4-way match featuring 4 highfliers in Façade, Josh Fuller, Jaiden and Don’t Die Miles, along with a scramble match and I am sure many more surprises.    

This is a show that will have something for you no matter what type of wrestling you like and even if you don’t think that you like wrestling at all.  If you cannot make it there live, make sure that you tune in on Twitch at 2:30 on Saturday, April 24th to catch all of the action.


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