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Boomer Hatfield Vs Erica Leigh

We are opening up with a match between 2 fan favorites.  Erica has been on a roll lately and is a name that everyone seems to be talking about and Boomer is looking to get some of that attention back on him.  Erica comes out full of energy and with some interesting dance moves.  Boomer comes out and shakes the hand of the referee and then Erica.  Boomer shows off some lucha skills early, but gets stopped with a big boot to his face.  Erica hits Boomer with a suplex and goes for a pin, but Boomer will not stay down that easily.  Erica is tenacious and squashes Boomer with an elbow in the corner followed by a bulldog.  She then hits him with what she calls the Throw Back Slam, which is a  pump handle body slam.  Erica tries to get Boomer up again, but he slips out and hits her with 2 straight leg screws and starts to work on her knee.  Boomer locks Erica in a leg lock, but Erica kicks him in the head to escape.  Boomer then runs in to a couple boots from Erica, followed by an enziguri, a spin kick and a modified bulldog, but Erica only gets a 2 count.  It is obvious that Erica’s leg is still hurting her.  Boomer hits an enziguri of his own followed by a Mitchinoku driver, but is only able to keep Erica down for a 2 count.  Boomer goes to the top rope but gets caught with a boot by Erica, followed by a Samoan drop.  They exchange near falls and Boomer is able to pull off the win with an interesting victory roll, where he crossed Erica’s legs to lock in the pin.  Erica gingerly walks to the back and from the look on her face it does not appear that this rivalry is quite over yet.



Kennedi Copeland vs Edith Surreal

This should be a very interesting matchup, as Kennedi has proven how tough she is, but she will have to prove that she can compete with one of the best technical wrestlers on the indie scene today in Edith Surreal.  Edith’s submission game has gotten so incredible and innovative lately and she is using that to her advantage early.  They exchange pin attempts, but Kennedi puts a stop to that with a boot to the head and then starts working on Edith’s arm.  Edith brings Kennedi down and locks in a leg lock.  Kennedi is able to get out, but gets met with a drop kick to the head.  Edith goes for the pin, but Kennedy kicks out at 2 and lays in some kicks to Edith’s arm.  Edith is perched on the 2nd rope and Kennedi goes after her, but Edith flies at Kennedi and hits Fruit by the Foot.  They exchange strikes and Edith hits a couple running elbows followed  by a running bulldog.  Edith goes for the pin, but Kennedi locks in an armbar.  Edith may be more known for her submissions, but Kennedi has been using that arm bar to defeat many opponents and is lethal with it.   Edith is able to escape and hits a DDT, but Kennedi grabs the rope to break up the pin.  Kennedi tries to roll up Edith for a pin, but Edith turns it into a submission.  Kennedi rolls out of the submission and hits a big knee. Edith kicks out of the pin attempt, but Kennedi locks in the armbar again forcing Edith taps out.  This is a huge victory for Kennedi, and I would love to see this match again as I feel like it could have gone either way.


Ladder Match, winner gets a wish.  Big Game Leroy vs Bonez vs The Whisper vs Van Valley vs Brad Rush vs Pancakes vs Kidd Magic

We have a very interesting group of competitors in this match, and they are all fighting for their own unique wishes.  Van Valley definitely has the size advantage, so some of the competitors decide to team up against him to start the match. Bones distracts Leroy with his Twitch, but gets hit with a Superman punch from Pancakes.  Whisper goes after Pancakes, but gets hit with a Superman Punch and spear.  Pancakes’ wish was that he gets to take on Roman Reigns if he wins and he is showing that he has been paying close attention to some of Roman’s moves.   Kid Magic comes in and he  drops The Whisper, before doing a magic trick with the other opponents.  However, he does not notice that The Whisper made it to the ceiling while everyone was distracted and The Whisper jumps on all of his opponents.   Rush and Magic look to take out Pancakes with a ladder,  but Pancakes avoids it and drops them both with the ladder and  then hits the Terry Funk spot on the other opponents.  Pancakes and Leroy trade holds until he throws Leroy into the ladder with an armdrag and Pancakes is in control.  Pancakes brings a piece of plywood in the ring but gets stopped by Rush.  Whisper hits an inverted GTS on Rush.  Whisper and Leroy both go to the top of the ladder, but knock each other off.  Van Valley uses 2 ladders to try to get to the piñata, because he is too big for just one, but Bones and Magic stop him and fight each other on the ladders.  Magic brings Bones down with a paper cut to his face from one of his cards.  He then hits Valley with Soul Food.  Magic is in control, as he brings down Whisper with an enziguri and Leroy with a meteora.  He gets attacked by Brad Rush, but he throws Rush’s leg at Pancakes and Magic hits a twisting DDT on Rush while Pancakes is holding his leg.  Whisper is setting up some ladders and Magic grabs his hat, but instead of pulling out a rabbit he dumps tacks onto the ring.  This may not have been a smart move by Magic though, as he gets slammed on them by Valley.  Valley then picks Whisper up and slams him on a ladder that Whisper had set up between another ladder and the ropes.  Valley complains about Pancakes shitty “table” as he sets up the piece of wood in the corner, but may have taken a little too much time, as Pancakes spears him through it.  Pancakes grabs a ladder, but Leroy hits him in the head with a GameCube.  He then puts the GameCube on the mat and curbstomps Pancakes on it.  Leroy and Rush proceed to climb separate ladders. Leroy throws Rush off, but Bones climbs the other side of Leroy’s ladder and scorches Leroy’s face with a fireball!  Rush climbs on the other side of the ladder.  Bones and Rush fight for position on the top of the ladder and Rush is able to push Bones off.  Rush grabs the piñata, getting his wish, which is some good kush.



Faye Jackson vs Dan Champion

Faye announced that she was stepping away from wrestling this week, so this may be one of her last matches.  Faye comes to the ring with all the style and confidence that we have come to expect from her.  Faye tries to tempt Dan with her milkshake, forcing him to hide behind the ref.  He says that he is here to wrestle and not dance, but we all know that Faye can wrestle just as good as she can dance.  Faye’s mind games have seemed to throw off Dan a little bit in the early going.  They exchange headlocks, then Dan says that back in the day they called him Dancing Danny and he shows off some of his moves.  Faye shows off her dance moves, and the ref even gets in on the fun, but of course Dan has to put the fun to an end as he hits Faye with a big clothesline.    Dan stays on top of Faye until he misses a dive in the corner and gets hit with a hip attack. Faye then drops all her assets on to him from the 2nd rope.  Dan drops her with a Rock Bottom, but Faye kicks out at two.  He then hits her with a TKO, but only covers her with a foot and Faye kicks out.  Dan’s arrogance may have been his downfall, as Faye hits a cannonball in the corner followed by a Vader Bomb for the win. 


The Mane Event vs The Mane Event

The Main Event is between 2 tag teams named the Mane Event.  Confused yet?  Gannon Jones Jr and Duke Davis will be facing off against Ringleader Midas and Jay Lyon.  The Mane Event will win this match, but which one will it be?  We start the match with Gannon and Midas.  They open with a show of respect and a handshake.  Gannon shows off his power advantage early.  Midas tries to fly at him, but Gannon literally catches him out of midair.  Midas goes for a rana and gets caught again, but is finally able to hit a dropkick after he ricochets off of Gannon. Duke and Lyon come in and Lyons’s unique offense seems to throw off Duke.  Duke rolls out of the ring and Mane Event hit a unique double team maneuver and momentarily get the advantage until Duke hits Midas with a backbreaker. Duke tags in Gannon and he hits a stomp on Midas while he is on Duke’s knee.  Gannon uses his power advantage to stay on top of Midas and tags in Duke. They get Midas up for a vertical suplex and Duke eventually drops him after a long stall.  Gannon comes in the ring and proceeds to knock Jay off the apron and hit Midas with a boot to the face, while Duke holds him.  They go for the pin, but Midas is able to kick out at two.  Midas gets some momentum going and drops Gannon on his face from a wheelbarrow position.  Lyon comes in with some fire and Midas gets out the hoop, so Lyon dives on both members of TME on the outside of the ring.  Lyon picks up Duke in the ring and starts spinning him around, but Gannon comes in and they hit another incredible double team maneuver.   TME hits a double flapjack on Lyon, but  Lyon fights back by hitting a zig zag on Gannon forcing him to DDT Duke.  Midas comes in with all kinds of energy and they hit a double team superkick, back handspring combo on Gannon.  Midas follows this up with a 619, followed by a springboard moonsault by Lyon on Duke.  Midas comes off the top with a frogsplash, but Duke kicks out at two.  Midas comes off the 2nd rope, but Duke catches him with a 2 handed choke slam.  Gannon gives Midas a knee to the face and drops him with a suplex.  He goes for the pin, but Lyon breaks it up and drops Gannon with an airplane spin.  However, Lyon is immediately dropped with a spear from Duke.  Midas hits Duke with a spinning kick and everyone is down.   Both teams huddle to come up with a game plan.  Midas goes to spear TME but they catch him and throw him across the ring.  Lyon tries to take on both members of TME on his own, but gets caught with a Flea Flicker.  They attempt a Flea Flicker on Midas, but he hits a cutter on Gannon and then a 619 on Duke.  Midas and Lyon drop Gannon with the Grand Finale for the win.  This was such a great match.  I tried to keep up with it, but cannot do it justice.  I would definitely recommend checking out this match on IWTV as soon as you can, as it was incredible.  These two teams will meet again at MV Young’s Polyam Cult Party 3 for TME’s Ryse tag team championship, so we will see if Midas and Jay Lyon can get another win to take Duke and Gannon’s titles or if TME will even the score.


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