Zelo Pro Wrestle Fest Recap


Bang Bros (August Matthews & Davey Bang) vs Country Air (Doc Simmons & Zach Hendrix)

This a rematch and I really liked the previous one, so I am very excited to see what they have in store for us.  Mathews and Hendrix open the match with some mat wresting and exchange holds until Mathews sends Hendrix to the outside with a headscissor and things begin to speed up.  Bang and Simmons come in and really pick things up.  Bang takes Simmons down with a Lucha armdrag and the Bang Bros use some really impressive double team moves, but Mathews misses a tumbleweed flip on Simmons and Country Air takes over.  Hendrix picks up Mathews in a vertical suplex position and Simmons kicks him in the head before Hendrix slams him down to the mat.  Hendrix may be the most powerful man in the match, and he uses that power to hit a sliding clothesline on Mathews, but Matthews is able to get away and make the tag to Bang.  Bang must have had a drink while on the apron as he has all kinds of energy.  He hits a flying headscissors, then a running clothesline in the corner on Simmons.  Bang follows this up with a springboard clothesline for a near fall.  Mathews gets on the apron to give Bang a Bang but gets knocked down.  Country Air hits some double team maneuvers on Bang followed by a spinal tap by Hendrix, but they only get a near fall.  Bang hits a springboard cross body and is able to get a drink of Bang.  This fires him up and he picks up both opponents and hits a steam roller on Simmons.  The Bang Bros go for the double 450, but Mathews misses and Hendrix throws Mathews into Bang to break up the pin.  Hendrix picks up Bang and Simmons hits a double stomp on Bang for the win.  This gives each team a win against the other and I am really looking forward to the rubber match.


Brooke Valentine vs Charlie Kruel

Charlie offers Brooke some Pop Tarts. Brooke takes the Pop Tart, but upsets Charlie because she wants to save it for later and does eat it.  Brooke however does end up eating a superkick from Charlie.  Charlie tries to lay in some chops but has little effect on her stronger opponent, so she resorts to a double chop to throat.  She then chops the back of Brooke’s knee to bring her to the mat and chokes her on the ropes.   Charlie is looking to keep Brooke grounded.  She may seem a little off, but Charlie is wrestling a very smart match to this point.  Brooke starts firing back but Charlie hits her with a roundhouse and continues to keep Brooke grounded with strikes and chokes.  Brooke is able to overpower Charlie and hits a clothesline but misses with the leg drop and Charlie counters with a snap mare.  Charlie keeps the offence coming with 3 knees to a downed Brooke in the corner and gets a near fall.  She then decides to exchange strikes with Brooke, which may not be the smartest idea.  Brooke catches Charlie off the ropes and sends her to the mat with 2 suplexes followed by a cannonball in the corner for a near fall.  Charlie is able to come back with a tornado DDT out of the corner for a near fall of her own.  She then goes for a Pop Tart and shoves it in Brooke’s mouth.  Charlie takes down Brooke with an armbar, but Brooke picks her up and drops her with a sideslam.  Charlie hits a step up enziguri and tries to roll up Brooke, but this time Brooke has a Pop Tart in her hand that she shoves in Charlie’s mouth.  Brooke is able to hit the Bee Sting, her spear, for win.  This was a very impressive debut for Charlie Kruel in Zelo, as she showed that she is not only entertaining but also a very good wrestler and seems to be continually improving every time I see her.  Brooke Valentine was a little too much for her on this occasion and you have to believe that Brooke has her eye on the women’s championship. 



Storm Grayson vs Jacob Dean

They exchange shoulder blocks to open the match. Dean gets wrist control and drops Grayson with 3 kicks.  He then hangs Storm on the ropes and drops him to the outside with a knee.  Dean follows him to the outside but gets distracted by Brubaker and Storm hits a Russian leg sweep. Storm rolls him back in the ring and keeps control of the match.  He hits a back suplex but takes a little too much time posing and only gets a 2 count.  Dean is able to get a snapmare and kick, but Storm follows up with a big lariat.  Storm has been in control of this match since the distraction on the outside.  Dean hits a boot in the corner followed by a butterfly suplex for a near fall.  He gets Storm up for a big urinage, but only gets a 2 count again.  Storm comes back with a great blue thunder bomb for a near fall of his own.  He then hits a roaring elbow, but Dean counters with a Yakuza kick and Storm rolls to the outside.  Dean hits a back body drop on Storm on the ramp.  Dean looks to have the match under control, but Brubaker crotches him as he is coming back in the ring and Storm takes advantage with a pump knee.  Storm gets the 3 count but needed a lot of help to get the win and it seems that this rivalry may not be over. 


Heather Reckless vs Sierra

Sierra is evil, but is wrestling in her hometown, so she is being cheered as she comes out. Sierra has the size advantage and looks to use that in the early going of the match.  Reckless is able to take her down with a drop toe hold and low dropkicks.  Sierra puts a halt to Heather’s offense as she is on the 2nd rope and drops her headfirst on the top turnbuckle.  Sierra follows this up with a pump kick for a near fall.  She then runs into an elbow from Heather, followed by a guillotine attempt, but Sierra drives her into the corner and hits a power bomb in the center of the ring for near fall.  Sierra goes for a back breaker, but Heather is able to escape and hits an enziguri on Sierra.  Heather hits a crossbody on Sierra from the top for near fall.  Sierra comes back and drives both knees into Heather in the corner, then hits a short bomb, but only gets a 2 count.  Sierra goes to pick Heather up for a suplex, but Heather gets out.  Heather hits a kick, then a short DDT for the win.  This was an impressive showing for both women, and I feel that we may see a lot more of Heather Reckless in Zelo as this was a very big victory for her.


Trevor Outlaw vs Colt Cabana

Trevor attacks Colt from behind to open the match and goes after Colt on the outside, but Colt brings him into the ring the hard way and introduces him to the corners.  Trever tries to go off the 2nd rope, but Colt gets the boot up and brings the offense to Trever on the outside.  They come back in the ring and Trevor hides behind the ref in the corner.  He then hits Colt with a right behind the ref’s back.  Colt hits a back suplex and double chops followed by elbows.  He is on a roll now and runs at Trevor with a flying Cabana and double jump splash. Trevor is able to get the advantage with a belly to belly suplex but runs into 2 boots from Colt.  Colt quickly follows up with the Superman pin for the win.  After the match Frank the Clown comes out to the ring.  As he distracts Colt, Trevor crotches him from behind and they embrace.  Frank the Clown announces that Trevor Outlaw and himself are going to take over Zelo together.


Missa Kate vs Hyan vs Blair Onyx for the #1 contender for the women’s title

Hyan takes the advantage early by laying knees into Kate and follows it up with a dropkick.  Hyan hits a big chop on Blair in the corner, but Blair puts her in the tarantula.  Kate hits a big knee to Hyan while she is tied up in the ropes and takes control of the match.  Kate drives both knees into Blair’s head smashing it to the mat.  Kate stomps Blair in the corner and then chokes her with her own hair.  She has Blair on the mat with a headlock but Hyan stomps on her and throws her to the corner.  Blair drives Hyan out of the ring and follows up with a cartwheel drop onto Kate.  She picks Kate up and kicks Hyan with her.   All 3 combatants start striking each other before Hyan brings down the other 2 opponents with a clothesline.  Hyan hits a legdrop on Kate, then a suicide dive on Blair.  Hyan drives Kate into the post.  She then hits a Falcon Arrow on Blair, but Kate breaks up the pin attempt by putting Hyan in a headlock.  Kate hits a DDT on Hyan, but Blair breaks up the pin.  Blair gives Kate a DDT of her own and locks both of her opponents in the spider lock.  She bridges up and goes for the pin on both opponents, but only gets 2 counts on each.  Kate hits a hook kick on Blair, but Blair rolls out of the ring.  Hyan comes from behind and hits a double underhook face slam on Kate for the win.  Hyan may have come out of this match as the number one contender, but all three of these women will have championship gold around their waists sometime in the future as they are all very impressive athletes. 


Laynie Luck vs Jordynne Grace for the women’s championship

Layinie tries to take Grace down early, but Grace is too strong.  Grace takes Laynie down with a shoulder block but Laynie kips up and drops Grace with a hip toss followed by a hyped-up elbow drop.  Laynie tries a series of kicks, but Grace catches the last one and hits a spinebuster.  Laynie goes after Grace in the corner but Grace gets her boots up and comes down on her with a double stomp, followed by a senton from the 2nd rope.  Grace works on Laynie’s back after the senton, driving forearms and elbows into it.  Laynie fires back with forearms but gets caught with a couple body slams from Grace.  Laynie blocks the 3rd body slam, then hits Grace with a kick to the face and a cannonball off the ropes for a near fall.  Laynie’s back appears to still be hurting her, and this is limiting what she can do. Grace catches Laynie in the corner and hits a muscle buster, but only gets a 2 count.  Grace goes for a powerbomb, but Laynie counters with a headscissors.  Laynie hits a pumpkick and a sidekick, then goes for a jackknife pin, but Grace picks her up for a powerbomb.  Grace locks in a Boston crab, but Laynie makes it to the ropes. Laynie hits a German Suplex and is able to hit the Unicutter, but Grace rolls out of the ring to avoid being pinned. Laynie has used everything in her arsenal is getting frustrated, so she gets a chair from the crowd.  The ref takes the chair from her and she hits Grace with the belt when the ref’s back is turned.  She goes to pin Grace, but Grace is able to kick out.  Laynie argues with the ref and Grace comes from behind her and rolls her up with an O’Conner roll for the win.  Laynie Luck tried to take a shortcut to win, but it backfired and Jordynne Grace is the new champion.


Joey Avalon vs Jon Crowley

This is a battle between two big men.  Crowley grabs some beers and goes to crack one open with Avalon, but Joey kicks him in the midsection to gain the early advantage.  Crowley is able to hit a spinebuster on Avalon and grabs a beer in the corner.  He hits a big charge in the opposite corner but gets caught for a flying boot from Avalon.  Avalon hits some running elbows on Crowley in the corner, but misses an elbow drop and Crowley hits him with a clothesline.  Joey counters with a cutter for a near fall.  Avalon has a drink of beer and grabs his shovel but gets hit with a spear.  Avalon kicks out of the pin attempt, but Crowley follows it up with a pop up powerbomb for the win.


Ladder match to crown the first Zelo Pro Champion:  Egotistico Fantastico, GPA, Bryce Benjamin,  Mason Conrad, CJ Esparza and Brubaker

Jacob Dean crotches Brubaker on the entrance and attacks him before he gets to the ring for some revenge for his interference in his match earlier.  As the match starts, CJ hits Ego with a spinning DDT, but gets tossed to the outside.  GPA grabs a ladder, but Conrad dropkicks it into his face.  Mason gets hit with a series of suplexes by Ego but reverses an Irish whip attempt and throws Ego into the ladder.  Bryce and Mason face off with kendo sticks, but Mason throws his to the side.  He avoids Bryce’s shots and hits him with a Russian leg sweep using the stick.  Mason goes to climb the ladder, but CJ hits a springboard dropkick knocking him off.  Bryce attempts to go up the ladder, but Ego puts him on his shoulder and CJ hits a springboard lariat resulting in a doomsday device. Ego gets the kendo stick and hits GPA with it.  He then holds GPA as CJ hits a splash off the top of 2 ladders.  Ego puts CJ’s head in the ladder and cracks the ladder with the stick but gets pulled out the ring by Bryce and Mason hits a dive on both of them.  GPA grabs the ladder but gets hit with a dropkick from CJ.  CJ dives on everyone on the outside and grabs a bigger ladder from under the ring.  Bryce sets up a ladder between the ring and the guardrail, but he is the one who feels it, as Ego back body drops him on the ladder. Ego goes to climb the ladder in the ring, but Mason climbs the other side to stop him and GPA tips the ladder over.  CJ climbs the ladder on the outside and dives on 3 opponents, but GPA drives him into the stage.  GPA climbs the ladder, but Jordynne Grace comes to the ring.  She grabs GPA off the ladder and powerbombs him.  Jordynne goes to climb the ladder, but Hyan, the new number one contender for Jordynne’s women’s title, grabs her and drives her into the guardrail.  This allows GPA to climb the ladder and get the championship belt.  Laynie Luck comes out and celebrates the championship win with her fiancé.

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