Limitless Wrestling's "The Road" Season 3 Episode 16


Leary vs Kirby Wackerman

Leary jumps Kirby as soon as the bell rings.  He pokes Kirby in the eye giving him the chance to drop him with a clothesline and hit him with 2 leg drops, but Kirby fights back.  Kirby tries to squash Leary in the corner, but Leary flips him over the ropes, then gives him a stunner and double knees while he is in the ropes.  Leary keeps control of the match until Kirby is able to counter with a torpedo head butt.   Both men are on the mat and Kirby is the first to his feet and hits Leary with 2 atomic drops but misses the diving headbutt.  Leary rolls out of the ring, but Kirby hits him with a torpedo headbutt off the apron and rolls Leary back in the ring, but only get a 2 count.  Leary ducks a clothesline attempt from Kirby and pokes him in the eye.  Leary follows this up with a cutter to the knees and stacks Kirby up for a near fall.  He gives Kirby a super kick, but Kirby kicks out again.  Leary whips Kirby to the ropes, but Kirby catches him with a knee to the gut followed by a flatliner.  Kirby goes to off the ropes and has Leary lined up for the torpedo headbutt, but Leary pulls the ref in the way and the ref gets taken out by Kirby.  As the ref is down King Crab and Travis Huckabee come out.  Kirby fights off Crab and Travis, but Crab had given Leary a kendo stick which he uses on Kirby, then follows it up with a swinging neck breaker.  Crab and Travis roll the ref back in the ring.  The ref starts counting, but Kirby kicks out at 2.  Leary tries to finish him with a package piledriver, but Kirby fights out and gives Leary multiple headbutts.  Kirby has Leary reeling, but out of no where Leary hits a flat liner.   Leary goes for the running kick, but Kirby moves and hits Leary with a headbutt to the chest.  Kirby takes Leary down with a pump handle slam, and goes to the top, but Travis distracts the ref.  Crab goes after Kirby with the Kendo stick, but Kirby grabs it off Crab and sends him flying.  Kirby smashing the Kendo stick over Leary’s head and comes off the 2nd rope with a diving headbutt for the win.  I would have to say that this is an upset, but a well-deserved win for Kirby Wakerman.


Billy Avery and Kennedi Copeland vs Apostles of Chaos, Logan Black and Chris Benne

Obviously, AOC have the size advantage in this match.  Logan and Kennedi start the match and Black looks to be taking Kennedi lightly.  He pushes Kennedi around the ring, then makes the tag to Benne.  Kennedi tags in Billy and he gets met with a big chop and quickly tags back out to Kennedi.  Kennedi stomps Benne’s foot then lays in some forearms but does not have much effect.  Kennedi goes for a spinning head scissors off the ropes, but Benne catches her and drops her with a backbreaker on his knee.  Billy looks to come in the ring but thinks better of it as Benne chases him to the back.  Benne takes Kennedi to AOC’s corner and tags in Black, as Billy sneaks back to his corner.  Black dominates Kennedi with his strength advantage and takes her down to the mat.  Black cranks on Kennedi’s neck while singing Billy’s theme song to him.  Black whips Kennedi into AOC’s corner and Benne comes back in.  Benne scares Billy away again, the drops Kennedi with a suplex.  He then knocks Billy off the apron and makes the tag to Black, who is still singing the Billy Avery Theme Song.  Black lifts Kennedi up and drops her with a body slam, as she screams for Billy.  Black pushes Billy to the floor and he seems to be getting angry, or perhaps brave.  AOC isolates Kennedi in their corner and continue to knock Billy off the apron.  AOC picks Kennedi up and looks to end the match by dropping her to the mat, but she lands on her feet and makes the tag to Billy.  Billy comes in and gives both members of AOC multiple suplexes.  He ducks a clothesline from Benne, but Black makes the blind tag, but AOC hits a choke bomb combination for the win.  This maybe the end of the team of Billy Avery and Kennedi Copeland, as Billy was not much help to Kennedi and did not get brave until it was too late.


Becca vs Paris Van Dale w/ Armani Kayos

All scrunchies are legal in this match.  Becca starts the match hot and hits a spear on Paris.  She lays in some boots to Paris, but Paris rolls out of the ring.  Apparently, Paris did not go far enough way as Becca hits a dive onto both her and Kayos.  Becca then takes out a bag from under the ring and dumps scrunchies on the floor.  Becca picks Paris up and hits a Samoan Drop on the scrunchies.  She rolls Paris in the ring, but only gets a 2 count.  Becca tries to go for a spin kick, but Kayos had given Paris a kendo stick with scrunchies on it and she blasts Becca in the leg with it.  Paris gets a near fall and focuses on Becca’s leg.  Paris puts Becca in the tree of woe and mocks Becca’s Razzle Dazzle and hits her again in the leg with the kendo stick.  Paris continues to keep Becca grounded and work on her leg.  Paris ties Becca’s hands together with her scrunchies and tries to hit her with the kendo stick again, but Becca ducks and goes on the offense.  Paris goes to the outside and tries to get some advice from Kayos, but Becca climbs the ropes and hits a trust fall on both members of the Higher Society, while still having her hands tied together by her scrunchies.  Becca is finally able to break her hands free of the scrunchies and rolls Paris in the ring.  Becca gets 4 good shots with kendo stick and drops Paris with a DDT, but Paris kicks out at two.  Becca locks in the Muta Lock, but she does not have the strength in her legs to hold it.  Becca grabs the kendo sticks and hits Kayos with it as he was on the apron.  This distraction is all that Paris needs, as she takes advantage of it and hits a split stunner, but only gets a near fall.  Becca hits Paris with 2 scrunchies then drops her with a superkick.  Becca grabs the kendo stick and puts the Muta Lock on Paris with the Kendo stick forcing her to tap out.

Owen Brody vs Alex Price

Price is quickly becoming a star and Brody is looking to be put on that level.  He gets irritated early that Price is not taking him seriously.  Brody takes the match to the mat and looks to have the advantage there.  Price gets to the ropes, and they square off in the middle of the ring and Brody is able to take Price down again, but Price rolls to the outside.  Brody goes out after him and Price rolls back in the ring and they exchange shots in the middle of the ring again.  Brody hits a flying back elbow, followed by a DDT, but only gets a 2 count.  Price catches Brody in the corner and hits him with 2 huge flying boots and gets a near fall of his own.  Price gets the advantage of the strikes, and they exchange pinfalls, but Price hits him with a huge kick.  Price puts Brody in an abdominal stretch, but Brody counters with a leg sweep for a near fall.  Brody ducks a punch from Price and hits an atomic drop followed by a neckbreaker.  He takes Price to the turnbuckle, but Price gets away.  Price goes for a kick attempt, but Brody pushes him aside and answers with a suplex.  Brody goes for the pin with a suplex with a bridge, but only gets 2 again.  Brody tries to take Price up to the 2nd rope again, but Price pushes him away and hits a superkick.  He then hits a rope hung piledriver, but Brody shocks Price by kicking out at 2.  Price looks to go for the surprise kick, but Brody sweeps his leg and lock in a sharpshooter.  Price makes it to the ropes and Brody pulls him off the ropes by his leg, but Prices uses his leg to drive Brody into the turnbuckle.  As Brody comes off the turnbuckle Price hits him square in the head with the surprise kick for the win.  Brody did show that he could hang with one of the top stars in Limitless, but Price only needs that split second to hit the surprise kick.  

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