The Clean Sheet Volume 3, Issue 1


The Clean Sheet Volume 3, Issue 1
In Memoriam of Jason LaTendresse

The Clean Sheet ......

If I'm being honest, I hated the full name of The Clean Sheet: 

"Fresh Linen Scent: The Clean Sheet,". 

When Bum Wine Bob DM'd me and told me that he'd brought a new guy into the fold I was pleased; it's hard to bring in writers with the promise of probably never getting paid. Jason didn't care about that, he just wanted to write.

Bob told me the name and I pleaded that he get Jason to change the title.

Fresh Linen Scent: The Clean Sheet debuted August 28th, 2020. You see how much power I yield. He had a clear vision of what The Clean Sheet was to be and he stuck with that vision.

To focus on the good of wrestling; his voice was very much different from the rest of the site at that point, and the contrast was a perfect marriage. 

I've been blown away by the response of his followers, the talent he spoke so glowingly about in the hours after the tragic news was reported.

Today's Clean Sheet is dedicated to Jason; with snippets of the amazing words spoken about a man that will never be replaced.

Jason was one of the best fans I’ve ever had. Always made me feel supported; pushed for me to aim for big promotions and made me feel like I could do wrestling. The clean sheet was a beacon of positivity & light in the community. RIP my friend, I’ll miss you dearly.

- Kaia McKenna


RIP Jason, you were a beacon of positivity in this world.

I’m so glad we got to meet you in person at Terminal Combat.

#PPWMidnight will be dedicated to your memory.

- Paradigm Pro Wrestling's Offical Twitter

I can't. even process this.

He was one of the kindest, most thoughtful, most supportive people I've ever known. Just such an incredible beacon of light and love.

He took up journalism because he wanted to share and remind us of all the good that wrestling brings us.

He made the Clean Sheet to be just what it sounds like: an anti-dirt sheet, no pessimism or smarkiness, just passion. I remember when he told me about the idea, and when he pitched it, and when he got the job for it. I'm still so deeply proud of him.

He'd always show up to our streams when he could. Even on nights where Camp Leapfrog or Pizza Party or any other shows that he was watching & writing about were streaming the same time as Dad and me, he always made sure to pop in and say hi to us before going to sleep. And I will never forget how excited he'd always get when he'd see me show up to a stream of his. My name sounded best when he'd say it... even just thinking about him saying "Otar!" always gives me a little smile. 

He was so genuine and grateful for every single thing & person in his life and always showed it. He opened my eyes to so much good.

Ol Skool, I love you so much. Thank you for blessing our lives by being in them. Thank you so much for everything. I already miss you so bad.

- Qtar; friend of OlSkoolOlFool

It’s hard to put into words what a great person Jason was.  I had never met him in person and really wish I had gotten the chance.  He really did focus on the positive, not only in his writing but also whenever you would talk to him.  He was also someone that would listen and be supportive to everyone’s ideas.  I still hear the way that he would say my name whenever I would go to his stream.  Hopefully, we can take a little from him and try to focus on the positive a little more.  He will be greatly missed.

- Don, writer for bWbWrestling.


This is horrible news. @olskoololfool thank for for showing you’d love and support for independent professionals wrestling as well as being a supporter of mine. Thoughts and condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones. 

God speed sir. - Derek Neal

I am absolutely heartbroken right now. 
He was so genuinely nice when I met him at 
@NewWave_Pro the last show. He made me a sign and everything! 

- Don't Die Miles; one of Jason's favorites.

Terrible news.
Jason was a great supporter of independent wrestling and was the very first person to sponsor the S.U.P tapings in March.  

Peace to him, his family and loved ones.

- Dylan Hales

Jason spearheaded many of the shows we sponsored over the past year. I would say as a team, we spent over 3 grand out of our pockets to support promotions and indie talent that we believed in and that we cared about. I had to tell Jason to slow down a few times, fearing we'd run out of pizza money - so he'd secretly sponsor shows on his own. 

Money isn't the only thing he volunteered - he was always there if you needed someone to vent to, regardless of how silly or petty it may be. He was the voice of reason.

He put those around him above himself hoping to help elevate the people he loved. 

He's one of the few people I've been around that I didn't have an argument with. 

I feel as though we should keep The Clean Sheet alive, in his honor and make sure that the wrestlers he loved, the promotions he loved, continue to get the attention they deserve.

To keep his spirit alive; to keep our friend at ringside with us.

- Dennis

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  1. He's been my best friend for about a decade now. He loved writing for this site and the people it got him connected to, through his words here and over Twitter. He was a creator, a collaborator, a huge supporter, and just a very genuine guy. He lived as much as he could his message of positivity and kindness.

    He was like family to me, and I'm damn heartbroken to say goodbye to him, but over the past day, I'm so glad that so many people got to know him, and share the same lift he gave me. He spoke often of the people he talked with, and I would like them to know that they were all appreciated.

  2. Vic - A few promotions have reached out to me about helping out Jason's family; I don't know who to contact or even if they want or need anything - email me if you could, if you see this.