Heels - Episode One Thoughts

Honestly, I went into the first episode of HEELS with very little expectation of being entertained. Very few times has Hollywood been able to make a good "behind the scene's look," at professional wrestling.

I was fucking wrong. This show was so much better than what I was expecting. Does that mean it's "must see tv," or "appointment television,"? 

Not sure about that, just yet. One thing I wish Hollywood would do is create a show where the wrestling universe is actually "real," for the duration of the series, until the finale, when we all find out it wasn't real.

I supposed that would be a hard concept to sell as we all know it's not real, so what the fuck do I know. 

So far, through one episode, it's giving me some Son's Of Anarchy vibes. Hold on, I'll explain. First, the show is focused on the power struggle of two brothers, Jack & Ace Spade. The Spades are the sons of Tom Spade, basically the Vince McMahon of the "Duffy Wrestling League," (DWL).  

One brother is focused on protecting what his Father built, while the other is hellbent on leaving, destroying everything his Father built in his haste to beat his Brother. 

Ace is clearly the star of the promotion, and youngest of the Spades, while Jack is the "booker," of the company and controls the storylines of the DWL. Ace is tired of playing second fiddle and all that comes to a head when "Wild" Bill Hancock, a former DWL star, returns to Duffy to poach the DWL's rising star.

We're met with a swerve at the end of episode one - one in which I didn't see coming, which in the wrestling world is what you're going for.

I'm not sure If I like either Spade - one is an entitled prick who clearly uses those around him, while the other is power driven and careless to those who are around him. 

Basically, they are the same person and that's where the problem lays.

This first episode made me want to watch the second episode, to see where this story goes. What we've seen so far tells me that not everything we're told is the truth. 

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