Buying Beer Made Easy: The Best Beer Apps in 2021

Buying Beer Made Easy: The Best Beer Apps in 2021

From hanging out in video chats online to connecting with work colleagues through remote
work digital platforms, it seems like there is an app for everything these days. We all know
how easy it is to order food online, and recent years have seen an explosion of new food
order for delivery platforms. But it is not just the world of food that has apps tailored to it.
Now beer enthusiasts can use apps to find the best local pub, learn about new beer varieties,
or order beer for delivery with the simple tap of a button.

So if you are looking for an easy way to buy beer from your phone, where to begin?
Whether you are craving craft beer on call, need to know how to order a pint in a foreign
country, or are seeking to learn all about the complexity of your next ale, there is an app
for that. Ranked in no particular order, let’s take a look at the best beer apps in 2021.

1. BJCP Styles
Contemporary craft beer has entered its stride. No longer is alcohol tasting reserved for
the world of wine; today’s brewers can teach you all about the hop varieties, brewing
methods, wood barrel aging processes, certifications, flavor profiles, and more that can be
found in every single sip. Elevated from its status as a basic beverage, BJCP Styles App is
a great option if you want to boost your beer knowledge game, or for active brewskie connoisseurs.

This app is free and can teach you all there is to know about how to appreciate the qualities
of beer. In fact, BJCP actually wrote the official textbook on how to define your beer.
The BJCP Style Guidelines are a core resource for beer fans and brewers alike. With the
BJCP Styles App you can learn to appreciate a whole new layer of complexity in your

2. TapHunter
No matter where you are traveling in the world, if there is a local bar, brewery, or brewpub
nearby, this app will reveal what’s on tap today. The TapHunter app is simple to use and
lets you access up to date tap lists for any bar wherever you are.

They update the app frequently, so you can sift through pub choices until you find the exact
beer you have been craving. Or try a new local regional variety, wherever you are.

3. Untappd
Untappd is the ultimate review-based beer guide for your local area. Use the app to geolocate
the taproom closest to your active location, browse through Yelp-style reviews of new
craft beer varieties, or share recommendations with your friends. The app also offers a series
of in-app rewards and badges that you earn when you try new types of beer. The
badges are designed to encourage app users to expand their beer palates and try new flavors.
Untappd the app offers in-app purchases after a free trial. Untappd may just be the
only beer-centric social media app.

4. Drizly
If you are hosting a party, busy with a marathon gaming session, or just hanging out on a
weeknight and in need of beer, you probably will not want to go out of the house to find
some. Never fear, Drizly is here! After you place your order on the app, Drizly will connect
you with local partner shops. That local shop will take your order and in under hour you will
find the gift of beer right on your doorstep.

The only drawback of Drizly is that the app is relatively new- while they offer a great business
model, the app only covers roughly twenty cities throughout the United States, so it
won’t help you if you’re traveling abroad and seeking out beer delivery to your hostel or
your hotel room.

5. Beer Buddy
Beer Buddy is a great app to have on hand when you are shopping for beer. There are
endless options in even the most basic corner store today; the Beer Buddy app can help
you keep track of your favorites, make wishlists, and read up on stats and reviews.

You can find out more info about any beer, simply by scanning the barcode on the bottle. If
you have ever bought a new craft beer on a whim, fallen in love with it, and then completely
forgotten which one it was next time you go to the shop, Beer Buddy is probably a very
handy for you to have. It also allows you to sync with apps like Snapchat, so you can let
your friends know when and where you are drinking. That makes it an easy tool to schedule
impromptu meetups- or allow you to connect with friends abroad over a casual pint.
The Beer Buddy app is free.

6. Tavour
Tavour takes a tried-and-true old tradition, the “beer of the month club”, and gives it a contemporary
twist. Tavour selects rare and unusual beers for its regular deliveries, offering
you an exclusive chance to taste particular varieties.

And unlike the risk factor in your old-fashioned beer of the month club, where you might
find yourself regularly receiving beers you have no interest in tasting, Tavour lets app
users choose which beers they would like to receive. So you will only ever receive beers
that interest you, which means rare and unusual offerings from the hottest breweries and
newcomers. The app feature a sleek, intuitive design and it is very easy to set up a profile.
With the holiday season just around the corner, Tavour is also a great option for gifting to
your discerning, beer-loving friends.

7. Pairwise
You know that the absolute perfect beer and food pairing is out there. In fact, you can
probably find it in the very gastropub you are currently ordering from. The trouble is, you
just don’t know what it is. That’s where the Pairwise app comes in. Just enter a few simple
descriptions and taste preferences about the beer or food you would like to pair. The app
takes care of the rest, offering helpful and intelligent suggestions, so that you too can become
a beer pairing expert.

Using the Pairwise app is like carrying around your own personal beer sommelier. This
one is a great choice to use if you are trying to impress a classy date, and it’s free to use.

Swipe For Cheers
Whether you are looking to learn more about how to enjoy the beers you are tasting, or
simply looking for a super convenient way to order beers to your doorstep, today’s beer
apps are raising the bar for what an app can provide.

The only thing they can’t offer? Enjoying the beer itself. That part is all you. But these beer
apps in 2021 can help give you a much more sophisticated appreciation of the beer you
are drinking, and offer you the opportunity to taste craft beers from local breweries that you
would never have thought to drink before.

- Deb Smythe

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