This November 25th the East Coast Wrestling Association presented their Thanksgiving day tradition, The Turkey Bowl Gauntlet Match.

Turkey Bowl Gauntlet Match rules are as follows. 

  1. Two men start

  2. A new match stipulation for each advancement 

Travis Lee beat Boom Harden in a “Finishing Moves Match”

LA Vin beat Travis Lee in a traditional match 

LA Vin beat Sweet Reginald in an “Over The Top Rope” match when Reginald eliminated himself in seconds by jumping over the top rope.

LA Vinn beat  Steve Stetson in a Body Slam

LA Vin  beat TLD in a “Last Man Standing Match”

LA Vin beat Raymond Shaw in a  “Turkey On A Pole Match” 

LA Vin beat Gabriel Baez in a  “Street Fight”

Greg Spitz beat LA Vin in a “Submission Match”

Greg Spitz beat Ryan Clancy in a “Cole Miners Glove Match”

Greg Spitz beat Teddy Fine in a “Four Corners Match”

Sam Shields beat Greg Spitz and Miles Thomas  in a “Three Way Dance”

Mr Ooh La La beat Sam Shields in a “Falls Count Anywhere” to become the 2021 ECWA Turkey Bowl winner. 

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