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Time Of The Season

Winter is here. Cold weather for Krüde on the northern right coast. Holidays are on everybody’s mind this season. Not me. I don’t give a shit about holidays. I treat them like they are any other day in the year. Except, I get the day off from work. No big deal

What I really want to exploit in these web pages is how people suddenly COME ALIVE when the fall/winter holidays arrive. This means that people who don’t ordinarily drive a vehicle for most of the year, are taking to the extra crowded roads of New Jersey.

Manic drivers are nothing new to people of NJ. In fact, our auto insurance premiums are always amongst the highest in the nation. Add a bunch of holiday drivers to the mix. And what do you get? Pure fucking Hell on the roads.

Northeast New Jersey has the largest concentration of shopping malls per square mile in the WORLD. One lane roads combined with shopping malls and shitty drivers: irritated Krüde. People don’t like to use their turn signals. Or turn their lights on when it gets dark. Nobody wants ANYBODY to get a pass on a tough left turn. All for what? Shopping for dumb gifts? Preparing for weeks for a holiday that lasts 24 hours? I saw tons of Xmas lights already on display at dozens of houses when driving my mother home on Thanksgiving night. What the fuck for? To show up your equally idiotic neighbor? I have no problem with Xmas displays on personal property. But to have it wasting energy a month before a holiday is sheer lunacy.

Safe to say that I hate holidays. I’m the same guy every day of every day I’m on this Earth. Not sure how Christian ideals became so entrenched into the melting pot of Americana. Observing traditions is all fine and dandy. Except when it gets into the way of progress. And all I ever see at this time of year is antiquated traditions and bad drivers. Nothing to truly celebrate. So instead, I toast my bourbon on the rocks to all who hate the bullshit of the holiday season like myself. Cheers!


Told her to trim her tree….



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