Four Loko USA for the Holidays

Santa Bum Wine has brought along another brown bag special for us to enjoy on Bumming with Bobcat! The official announcement came earlier today about the all new Loko USA flavor of Four Loko that would be hitting shelves. Naturally, I hit the Four Loko product finder and started searching!

Is the new flavor a let down? Should it have been saved for a summer release instead of the holidays? What's the verdict? Tune in as we crack open Loko USA for a taste test!

Why have a Merry Christmas, when you can have a LOKO USA CHRISTMAS!

Want to try out Loko USA? Don't bother leaving the house when you can just click the link below and have them delivered to your front door! Bumming with Bobcat is now an official Drizly affiliate! Place an order from to support the bWb team!

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