Today we have author Vinny Berry on the show, Vinny appeared last on PWZ to talk his first book Lance By Chance, the story of Lance Von Erich. He also runs which features many cool stories and articles as well as interviews. Vinny also runs the Wrestleville podcast available on Spotify as well as In this episode we are discussing Vinny’s new book The Pro Wrestling Vault Volume 1. Which features 35 short stories including former NWA World Champions Tim Storm, Harley Race and The Colorado Kid Mike Rapada as well as former NWA World JR Heavyweight Champions Arrick Andrews, Mr USA, Chase Owens, Ricky Morton, Barrett Brown. Other wrestlers featured, Vordell Walker, Greg Anthony, Damien Wayne Bobby Fulton, Tracy Smothers, Bill Dundee, Shawn Hernandez, Bushwacker Luke, Cw Anderson, Sir Mo Plus over 400 photos of the Golf Coast wrestling region. 

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