The Krude Experience - Krüde New Years Predictions 2022

Krüde New Years Predictions 2022

Another year down the proverbial shitter. 2021 was a weird one. Krüde had his usual amount of excessive kicks. No surprise there. 2022 will be more of the same for me. So to keep in line with the sanctity of tradition, I give to you my predictions for the world in the New Year. Heaven help us…

People will turn to a more simple way of life by adopting Amish life hacks


Asbestos will make a return in the form of a rebrand called Build Sugar


Voyeurism will eclipse television viewage as the world’s largest form of private entertainment


All members of the Cheney family will continue to stay the course


Pizza will be rightfully placed as its own food group within the FDA


Alien beings, the Greys, will target only those who drive Smart cars for their DNA collecting requirements


Branded rock bands with zero original members will dominate the live music circuit


Beer prices at professional sports stadiums will rise by 175% for no apparent reason


Highway tolls will be called as they really are: Highway tax


El Chapo will get to 38% finished with his latest escape plan from a supermax prison


Happy New Year!!!!


Don’t get too much on you,



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