Oh Hell Yeah! It’s a best of March duel between 1980, 1989 & 1999!

We’re back Duelers with another all-new installment of everyone's favorite adult-only retro game show! Dueling Decades returns with some March madness of our very own! The Media King of The North, Judge Joe Findlay jumps back behind the bench to give his most righteous rulings on this ‘best of’ March battle! 

Marc James knows that when it comes to his picks from March of 1980, Everybody Wants Some!  Chucky Ballzack straps on his helmet and wrestles with his selections from March of 1989 and Bum Wine Bob returns to our show, this time as a contestant for the very first time! Will his picks from March of 1999 be enough to capture a victory or will Bob suffer his first loss? Will Joe Findlay be left with more questions than answers and will we ever find out Who Shot JR?

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