Rewards for a Hard Weeks Work.

 If you're a real American, you do your part to contribute to the success of this great country. So after a hard weeks work there is nothing more rewarding than cracking a cold one. Now sometime that isn't enough, you crave just a little bit more. So with that being said, after paying the bills, filling your car or truck up there might not be a lot of scratch leftover. That is were we can help, we have mastered the art of treating ourselves on a budget. 

 First make sure all expenses (bills, child support and so on) are cover and set just a little to the side for unseen issues.   then with the little bit that's left, just hold your head up high. Take your ass to the local corner store, liquor store or convenient store and walk to the back.. Take your time and look around, search the bottom shelves and dank corners. There are hidden treasures waiting to be found. Don't be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone. you might just find your next big love and passion. But normally you'll find the normal bum wines, which is just fine, but sometimes you bird dog on a rarity. don't flinch buy it! You are not wasting money. We are trying to get the most bang for the buck. Our hard earned money goes way to fast so why waste it on High dollar name brand beer and liquor. There is this amazing solution it is called Malt Liquor and Bum Wine. Now don't let the words bum wine make you feel small or degrading. It is a badge of honor, Knowing you worked your ass off during the week, so you are far from a bum. with that being said treat yourself to an awesome buzz and relax. Some 40oz. of Colt 45, with a bottle of Wild Irish Rose just to pull on from time to time, will get you where you want and need to be. Or a tall can Of Four Loko Gold and a few Natty Daddies will have the same results.

 There is a fine line between a good buzz and total shit face.   learn your limits and just bounce off that. You can really treat yourself on very little moneys. Practice Makes perfect, and if you don't have failures then you are not trying. On any given week I am buzzed and or drunk 5 out of 7 Days. and spending less than $20-$30 for the week. Don't hesitate to reach out for guidance, till next time good luck and happy hunting, Roadhouse out!

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