Happy Malt Liquor MD 20/20 May!

Happy Malt Liquor MD 20/20 May!

The weather is finally starting to warm up, so it's the perfect time to celebrate with your favorite malt liquor or MD 20/20 variety during the month of May. Originally I was just going to focus on MD 20/20 this month, but I figured what the hell, let's add a little malt liquor to the party as well! Grab your favorites and drink along with the bumwinebob.com team! 

Stay tuned for some special features and bWb brown bag koozie preorder details!

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The simply irresistible, Sunny the Salt City Sun Goddess joins this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! We discuss crazy alcohol laws, scammers, beers, Four Loko, Only Fans, living in Utah, and much MORE! Tune in and enjoy! Cheers!

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