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 Cheap Fuckery

Krüde has a way of coming up with blog ideas by using song titles. Not this time. Some past and current people I’ve dealt with are the inspiration behind these typed out words (never dictated, BTW).

Cheap fucks are found everywhere.

There, I said it. I completely dislike the cheap fucks of the world. I’m not talking about those who use coupons. Or try to get the best deal on a car or vacation. I’m talking about the assholes who deliberately skip out of paying their share of a bar tab. I’m talking about people who save every penny they earn (accumulating a huge amount over time ) while trying to scam freebies wherever or whenever they can. There are more than just a few of these pricks fouling up this sweet planet. I personally know a few. Here are some cheap fuck stories for you:

I know somebody who took home a slightly used catering tray of ziti from a Xmas party. He ate ziti every night (nothing else) for dinner for a week. Then bragged about how he spent less than $5 on food that week. This guy doesn’t get laid much, obviously

Another sad sack of a cheap fuck would scour overstock, discount stores for his clothes. Except, he would make sure that the clothes he bought were at the absolute, bare bones, rock bottom price. So he often walks around wearing mismatching suits. Or knit shirts that were made irregular. Or shoes that are a size too big. What a loser

Cheap fuckery is a disease. Nobody needs to live their life thinking spending money is a crime. That’s sad. I spend every penny I earn. Life is short. Get the most out of it. Save a few sheckles for a rainy day. Otherwise LIVE LIFE LARGE!

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