Why Incorporating Fish into Your Diet is Beneficial

Why Incorporating Fish into Your Diet is Beneficial 

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Fish is a delectable delicacy that tastes great no matter how it is served. Whether it is served in your favorite Japanese dish or just deep-fried and with fries, fish is tasty. However, the awesome taste is not the only reason you should add fish to your diet. It confers many benefits to the body and here is a look at some of those benefits.

A Great Source of Proteins

Fish is one of the healthiest sources of proteins. These are important nutrients that are required by the body to ensure the proper functioning of muscles, blood vessels, and different body organs. You need enough proteins so as to have proper hair growth and hormone signaling among other important functions.

The daily dietary recommendation for proteins is 0.8 grams per kilogram of bodyweight. Every meal that one consumes contributes to this so long as there is a protein component.

There are many sources of proteins including plant and animal-based ones. Plant-based proteins are healthy because they can be safely consumed without adding too many calories but they usually lack an amino acid or several. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. On the other hand, animal-based protein sources have all the essential amino acids. One concern that nutritionists have is the high level of calories some food items like beef, mutton, etc have. Fish is unlike other animal-based protein sources. Fish contains protein (with all essential amino acids) which can be safely consumed without taking in too many calories.

Rich in Fatty Acids and Other Nutrients

There are two kinds of fish namely lean and fatty fish. The lean fish such as cod, tilapia, haddock, and bass have low-fat content. Fatty fish such as sardines, trout, tuns, salmon, and mackerel have high-fat content. This fat content is filled with fat-based nutrients that are beneficial to the body. These include:

     Omega 3 fatty acids - Improves brain function and boosts immunity.

     Vitamin D - Required for the absorption of calcium for bone growth and strengthening.

     Vitamin B12 - Important for nerve functioning, DNA replication, and production of red blood cells.

     Iodine - Required for proper functioning of the thyroid organ. This organ controls many activities in the body including appetite and the body’s rate of metabolism.

Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Strokes and heart attacks are common causes of death in the world. With changes in lifestyle and people leading sedentary lifestyles, the cases of heart disease have increased in the recent past. Everyone should take advantage of all possible ways in which they can reduce the risk of suffering from this fatal illness. Fish is an option.

Eating fish regularly provides your body with good fats while reducing the level of bad fat. It is this bad that clogs blood vessels and later breaks off to create a clot that leads to heart attacks if it reaches the heart. By avoiding the accumulation of bad fats you can reduce the risk of suffering from this illness.

Fish is Good for Unborn and Breastfeeding Babies

Fish is good for all members of the family. It provides nutrients that benefit everyone including unborn and breastfeeding babies. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a type of fatty acid that aids in eye and brain development. When a pregnant or breastfeeding woman consumes fish, she is able to transfer this nutrient to the baby. The baby grows healthily. All family members can also benefit from consuming fish. Better memory and sharp eyesight are some benefits to look out for.

The kind of fish you and your family consume should be safe for consumption. Mercury poisoning is one of the most important concerns in this matter. Only purchase fish from a seller who sells fresh and healthy fish. Instead of buying from a retailer whose fish standards are unknown, opt for a wholesale seafood online seller who has a proven track record. The convenience of having fresh fish delivered to your doorstep makes online purchases even more lucrative.

Final Word

Fish should be eaten often. It contains nutrients that are good for your body and improves your health. It may be consumed by any member of the family and everyone will love it thanks to how tasty fish dishes are.

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