5 Ways to Make Your Event Menu Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Your Event Menu Stand Out

Food is always a vital part of an event. Planning the menu is essential, whether it is a brunch or a baby shower. While the guest may believe that receiving an invitation sets the tone for the event, it is the food that most people remember. However, hosts typically only consider their food liking when event planning, which can create fewer options and an undesirable menu.

Continue reading to discover five ways to ensure your event menu stands out, is remembered, and will leave guests talking. Using these tips for all events will guarantee a memorable experience for guests.

1. Food Stations or Bars

Regardless of the size of the party, setting up food stations or bars is always a popular hit. Beautiful cereal bars are proof that bars work - people love them. They work because people enjoy seeing an abundance and variety of food. Guests can sample foods and avoid what they know they aren’t interested in eating.

Food stations or bars also save money by combining the best catering styles available. One reason is that small plates are often used instead of standard dinner-sized plates. Some food station or bar ideas to make a menu stand out include:

     Brunch bar with your waffles, omelet, or cereal.

     Pasta station with a mix of pasta, hand-crafted sauces, fresh shrimp, and grilled chicken.

     American snack station with burgers galore, fries, chicken tenders, and condiments.

2. Know Your Guests

While your party and menu are yours to decide, knowing your guests and accommodating them is a great way to make your menu stand out. Your menu options can either make or break an event. That is another reason why knowing your guests is vital.

That begins by:

     Make a list of your guest food options, i.e., vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, pescatarian or other.

     Ensuring that your appetizers or pre-dinner snacks are fresh, from different food groups, and plentiful.

     Offering a combination of salad options for health-conscious guests.

3. Fresh-Seasonal-Yummy

Most significant events get planned for months or even a year in advance. Procuring the best fresh, seasonal food is substantial for planning a menu that guests find yummy and scrumptious. In addition, fresh and seasonal is typically healthier and grown without pesticides. That makes them flavorful, rich in nutrients, and juicy.

Fresh ingredients may also give guests a new experience. Chefs get creative when preparing with fresh ingredients and get to mix and match flavors and textures. Guests get surprised by the unexpected flavor of fresh food options. Other benefits of choosing fresh, seasonal foods include:

     They are more environmentally friendly

     They are less expensive

     They are more harmonious with nature

     They broaden the taste of the guest

4. Pair The Food With Drinks

Although pairing food with wine or other drinks is arbitrary, you can leave your guest in awe of the flavor party happening in their mouth with great pairings. Experts consider sweetness, carbonation, bitterness, brightness, acidity, impact, and contrast when determining what goes with what.

Hiring an event staffing company is crucial for novice drinker who wants to wow their guests with pairings. For instance, one of the best event-staffing Los Angeles companies will provide your event with professional servers and bartenders. Your menu will not only leave guests in awe, but they can also relax and enjoy the service.

According to premierstaff.com, in addition to top-notch bartenders, they will staff your event with tray passers and servers. They will tend to your guests and “deliver these tasty treats in a knowledgeable and friendly way.”

5. Serve Desserts That WOW

Who doesn’t believe that dessert is a favorite part of a meal for most? At an event, hosts want their guests to continue talking about the scrumptious menu after the main course. That means the desserts have to wow. In addition to tasting great, presentation is also a factor. Some things for hosts to consider include:

     Desserts that are easy to eat

     Serve fresh fruit

     Keep flavors simple

     Have several options or an assortment

     Offer fresh brewed coffee or espresso


As you have read, food is a vital part of an event. In addition to setting the tone for the event, food is what most people remember. For hosts, instead of settling on your food liking for the menu, utilizing the five tips above will guarantee that your menu stands out and is a memorable experience for guests that will be talked about for months to come.

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