Four Loko Pregame Power Rankings

The official Four Loko Pregame Power Rankings are HERE!


It's been a long process, but on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat I finally cracked open the four flavors of Four Loko Pregame at my disposal to give them a (Four Loko) shot! How do they rank? Let's find out!

1. Lemonade

2. Sour Blue Razz

3. Sour Green Apple

4. Sour Peach

Overall the four flavors are enjoyable, but I think Four Loko needs to take a few steps back from trying to make everything sour. If they would have stuck with just a classic blue razz flavor I could have seen that one taking the top spot, but with that sour flavor added it took it down just a notch. As I said during the podcast, there is also a Sour Grape and Wicked Tea flavor in the lineup, but it looks like the Sour Green Apple is no longer listed. What does it all mean? Make sure to listen to Bumming with Bobcat for the full review!

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