8 Amazing Cocktails You Can Make With Mezcal

8 Amazing Cocktails You Can Make With Mezcal

Mezcal is a smooth, smokey agave-based spirit that is crafted from maguey plants native to Mexico. It's refreshing, bold, and a great alternative to tequila that packs a bigger punch without the pesky hangover symptoms. If you've been curious about trying this unique spirit but aren't sure how to drink it here are eight amazing mezcal cocktails you can whip up this weekend.

1.  Honey & Smoke Mezcal Cocktail

If you're looking for something that's not too sweet yet palatable then give this cocktail a try. Combine an ounce of mezcal with a tablespoon of honey and four ounces of ginger beer. The smokiness of the mezcal and the subtle sweetness of honey makes this the perfect drink to enjoy after dinner.

2.  Mezcal Margarita

Whether or not a beach vacation is in this year's summer plans you can still enjoy a delicious summertime drink with a fun and flavorful twist. A Mezcal Margarita is quite similar to a regular margarita. The main difference is that you add equal parts of mezcal in place of tequila. Put a new spin on this classic favorite with a splash of maple syrup or add an olive or two. You could even add a miniature bottle of beer and create something unique and perfect for enjoying while lounging in the backyard.

3.  Naked and Famous

Don't let the name of this fun and fruity mezcal drink deter you! This cocktail packs a punch and is smooth, sweet, and perfect for happy hour with friends. Mix one ounce of bitter orange with chartreuse, lime juice, and mezcal. Then garnish with a lemon or lime slice. This cocktail was created in 2011 in New York City and has become a classic favorite in bars across the country since then.

4.  Mezcal Mule

Despite its uniquely Russian name, the Moscow Mule was first invented in 1941 by a restaurant owner named John Morgan. While Moscow Mules have been a bar staple for many years, a Mezcal Mule is a bolder, smokier take on this classic favorite. Create your own version of a Mezcal Mule by combining one ounce of mezcal with four to five ounces of ginger beer. You can add more depth and flavor with lime juice or a splash of apple cider.

5.  Mexican Mint Julep

Enjoy a refreshing spin on this classic Kentucky Derby favorite by adding mezcal to jalapeƱo juice, brown sugar, and an ounce of the mint mixer. This drink is sweet and spicy, yet savory at the same time. This drink is best served on the rocks and pairs great with cured meats and pimento cheeses.

6.  Mezcal Sour

A Mezcal Sour is similar to a Whiskey Sour and only differs in the spirits being used. First, grab a cocktail shaker and combine one egg white, agave, lime juice, mezcal, and an ounce of amaro and shake vigorously until it becomes frothy. After about a minute add some ice and continue to shake it until the outside of the shaker becomes chilled. Then pour the drink into your favorite glass and serve with a few drops of bitters and lime zest on top.

7.  Mezcal Paloma

The mezcal process of harvesting the plant and roasting the raw material is what makes it so smooth and refreshing. It has a similar taste profile to tequila and can be used in its place in most mixed beverages. Try creating a Mezcal Paloma using an ounce of mezcal combined with grapefruit juice and a lime garnish. To make it sweeter consider adding a dash of honey. This is the perfect drink to enjoy alongside a plate of homemade barbeque chicken.

8.  Berry Mezcal Mojito

You can create your own version of a Mezcal Mojito using a strawberry or raspberry mixer of your choice along with a squeeze of lime juice and a mint garnish. The smokiness of the mezcal combined with refreshing mint makes it a wonderful drink to enjoy in the backyard on a warm spring day.

Mezcal has become one of the most popular spirits over the last few years due to it's smooth flavor and versatility. The next time you're in the mood for something cool and refreshing be sure to try one of these great mezcal cocktail recipes.       

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