Great Hip Cocktails Recipes to Try In 2022

Great Hip Cocktails Recipes to Try In 2022

There's nothing quite like sitting back and indulging in a lip-smacking cocktail after a busy week. Whipping up a batch of cocktails is the perfect excuse for catching up with friends, so why not be the host with the most tempting cocktail recipes?

One of the great things about making cocktails from home is that you can decide whether you want them to be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Plus, if you’ve purchased your cannabis in bulk, it’s possible to infuse the following recipes with CBD (cannabidiol) to satisfy the palates of the people who are destined to drink them. You can also look into delta 8 thc tincture for sale.

5 Cocktail Ideas and How to Make Them

Before diving straight in, ensure you have the proper cocktail-making utensils in your kitchen.

1. The CBD Cosmopolitan 

First on the list is The Cosmopolitan, which was Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite drink on the 90’s hit television series, “Sex and the City.” However, hers didn’t contain CBD. CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that possesses natural anxiolytic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effects. (2)


·         1 tincture drop of CBD oil

·         ½ oz. Cointreau

·         ½ oz. vodka Citron

·         1 oz. Cranberry juice

·         ½ oz. fresh lime juice

Instructions: All you have to do to prepare this world-famous hip cocktail is add the ingredients to a shaker, shake well, and strain twice into a lemon- or lime-garnished cocktail glass. (The Cosmopolitan is a cocktail that is usually served without ice.)

2. Kiss on the Lips Cocktail

Are you a fan of fruity flavors? If so, you’ll adore this blend of peach and mango. The name will have your lips tasting super sweet and kissable!


·         2 oz. Peach Schnapps

·         2 oz. mango rum

·         6 oz. (180ml) mango nectar

·         A dash of grenadine

·         Garnish: Orange Wheel

Instructions: Mix the peach Schnapps, mango rum, and nectar in an ice-packed shaker. (The ice should be crushed.)  Shake well.

3. Mai Tai

The Mai Tai is a popular drink in Tiki culture, a famous rum-based cocktail that has earned its place on this list of hip cocktails.


·         1 ½ oz. White rum

·         ½ oz. Fresh lime juice

·         ½ oz. Orange curaƧao

·         ½ oz. Orgeat syrup

·         ¾ oz. dark rum

Instructions: Shake all ingredients (minus the dark rum) and ice in a shaker. Strain into a cocktail glass and follow with the rum.

4. Whiskey Sour

Sailors of the British Navy are believed to have guzzled drinks similar to the Whiskey Sour when they couldn’t access a steady water supply. However, since whiskey is an alcoholic beverage, it likely left them feeling wobbly!


·         1 ½ oz. Bourbon whiskey

·         1 dash egg white

·         1 oz. fresh lemon juice

·         ½ oz. Gomme syrup

Instructions: Once your ingredients are measured carefully, place them in a cocktail shaker and shake them for 15 seconds. Open the shaker, add the ice, and shake for an additional 30 seconds. Pour over a strainer, serve on the rocks in a sugared glass and garnish with a speared Maraschino cherry.

5. Clover Club

Considered a pre-Prohibition cocktail, the Clover Club was named after a gentlemen's club in Philadelphia. (3) The egg white element gives it a foamy, creamy texture that could leave you with a frothy mustache!


·         1 ½ oz. gin

·         1 tbsp dry vermouth

·         1 oz. raspberry cordial

·         1 oz. lemon juice

·         1 tablespoon of egg white

·         A handful of fresh raspberries

·         Ice cubes


Throw all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and give it your best wrist action for at least 15 seconds. Open the shaker, fill with a handful of ice, continue shaking, and strain it into a sugar-rimmed glass.

Drinking Alcohol Responsibly

Since all of the recipes featured in this article contain alcohol, it goes without saying that you (and your drinking partners) should practice responsible consumption habits. The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest that men limit their intake to two drinks per day and women to one drink or less. (4)

If you consider switching alcohol for something non-alcoholic, opt for a vitamin-enriched kombucha substitute. Don't forget to ask your cocktail party guests if they have any allergies before you prepare a beverage for them, too.

It’s also worth noting that CBD may affect each person differently, depending on their unique biochemistry, genetics, tolerance, age, weight, and gender. That said, you must always inform someone about a cocktail’s CBD content before serving it to them.

Extra Tips for First-time Cocktail Makers

You don't have to be an experienced bartender to recreate one of the delicious cocktails featured on this list of recipes. Cocktail recipes can be mastered by anyone, so long as a few tips are taken into account. For example, chill glasses in advance and only use premium liquors.

Shaking the cocktail well should not be underestimated since this ensures that the flavors are mixed. Remember to sample your cocktails before serving and always use fresh ingredients.

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