How to Throw the Perfect Brunch at Home

How to Throw the Perfect Brunch at Home

Throwing a Brunch is not easy. There are many variables: the menu, the guest list, the decorating, and catering. But with some smart planning, you can have the best brunch party of your life at home. So here are tips on how to throw the perfect brunch at home.

1. Prepare Ahead

First, you need to prepare ahead and plan a mix of dishes that will please both adults and kids. To impress your guests, combine tasty foods, like grilled meat, eggs, cheeses, fresh fruit, and vegetables. You can also set up a buffet table with items that are easy to eat, like fried chicken and ham.

Also, remember to include baby food prepared with natural ingredients for the kids who might come to the party. Make sure you have enough food and enough staff to prepare and serve the food.

2. Decorating

One of the most important things you need to do is to decorate. Make your home look warm and inviting with a touch of pop-art or vintage theme. Why not use these decorations that match the current trend?

You can decorate the house with floral wallpapers, accessories, and a few family photographs. And since you are throwing a party for friends, use bright colors like red, pink, yellow and orange as these colors will make your house more cheerful.

3. Keep the Food Warm

Since you are hosting a brunch, keep the food warm. If your guests stay at your place, they want to get started on the main meal early. However, before they eat, they will still feel hungry and may ask if more food is available. To keep the food warm without spoiling it, heat a smaller pan of water so the food is steaming hot and, if necessary, takes longer to cook.

4. Do not Forget the Drinks

Drinks are one of the most important parts of any meal, and brunch is no exception. Make sure you have teas, coffee, fruit juices, and soft drinks for the kids. For example, you can serve cups of fresh brewed Kona coffee with a splash of steamed milk.

Also, if you have a big enough table, you can set up a serving station for your guests. You can even place pretty glass bottles and jars of several drinks in the center of your kitchen counter or the dining room table. This would be the perfect opportunity to set up your bottomless mimosa station if you choose to indulge your guests with some bubbly champagne.

5. Set Up The Table

Have everything you need ready before you start cooking. Place dishes, silverware, napkins, and cutlery in the middle of the table, so they are easily accessible. If you have a buffet table, prepare plates, bowls, and cups and place them on the table.

Another thing you need to do is to use plenty of napkins. Have your guests place their napkins on the table after they visit the buffet. This way, your guests will not only feel that they are at a wonderful home but also a party.

6. Make the Menu

You may have a very elaborate list of what you want to serve for brunch. But in the end, it all depends on the number of people you invite. So make sure your guests know what they will be having and when the party will be held.

For example, if you have 15 people coming over for brunch, it is better to serve on lesser dishes and fill up more with side dishes such as pakoras and sandwiches. Make sure each dish is made from home to avoid wasting food.

7. Be creative With Your Serveware

Just like the dishes, do not forget to make your serving ware special. If you serve light snacks like finger sandwiches, use toothpicks or cocktail sticks to keep your cutlery simple and elegant. You can use a decorative serving spoon made of silver or you can use two different-size forks.

For example, If you have a breakfast menu, serve scrambled eggs on beautiful china egg pieces to stay warm. You can also use the same technique for serving any other kind of hot food.


You can create a unique and special moment for your guests when throwing a brunch. Whether you are hosting kids, adults, or a party of both, make it your best day with the help of these tips and prepare a brunch party to remember.

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