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Still Hungry

34 years ago is a fucking long time. To your handsome blog host Krüde, it means I was 18 years old. And the year was 1988. A stellar year for me,to say the least. I was a sous chef, had $ in my pockets. Pussy was no longer a mystery. And the music soundtrack that played the most in my car and at home was Appetite For Destruction by Guns N’Roses. This album was a soundtrack for many rock fans that year. I was lucky enough to see GNR 3 times in 1988. The original GNR: Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin’, Duff Mckagan and Steven Adler. This lineup is the only GNR lineup I will fully recognize as Guns N’ Roses. They were pure rock n’ roll magic.

Now in 2022, the world gets a GNR lineup with three of the original five members. And Steven Adler touring with his own band playing classic GNR songs that he is associated with. I’ve seen both bands. Steven Adler band  wins hands down for the better live show. And here is my review:

Adler recently brought his band to a venue called Debonair Music Hall in New Jersey. This joint is a local road drive of 10 minutes from my house. The place holds maybe 400 people. I scored tickets in the balcony section. It’s a great place to have food and drinks (waitress service) and to take pictures.

Adler opened the show with the true oldie Reckless Life. Then proceeded right into Night Train. Whew!  The singer in Adler’s band sounds like Axl did in the 1980s. The band is super tight and energetic. Adler himself is the MVP of the band. His drumming style is what drives the GNR songs. The swing he brings is everything.

They also played Civil War, which I wasn’t expecting. But they nailed it. A couple of original songs were played that rocked. Though it was the GNR heavyweight tunes that still made the girl scream: Rocket Queen, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Welcome To The Jungle etc .. This band ROCKS. Period.

Guns N’ Roses is an American Treasure. I hope to the sky lords that the original five members can settle their differences and bring elusive rock magic back to the stages of the world. That would be the ultimate rock show. Mahalo

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