Let's talk about the fall out of All Out.


Pro Wrestling isn't fun anymore. Between the toxic fan bases of both the WWE & AEW, and the fucking dramatic crybaby bullshit between adults who make a living jumping around a ring, it's basically a labor of love to watch this fucking shit anymore.

And honestly, I really don't, that much.

Count me as one of the guys that really wanted CM Punk back - now; eh. I mean, I don't feel this is all on him. Not in the least. Colt "Crybaby" Cabana is a bitch. He's not the nice guy he portrays on his twitch streams and his podcast. He's a manipulator and a closet homophobe. The Young Bucks have proved my theory that talent shouldn't own a big company. Or have a hand in anything that gives them the opportunity to manipulate other talent.

All Out was a fun show. The MJF thing was fucking killer. I was stoked to see where the storyline was about to go.

Now .. I don't care. Because all that we read now is what happened in the back and who tattle to who and who snitch to who and ... I graduated from school a long time ago.

This shit is boring. Has wrestling jumped the shark? 

I don't think it has - the indies are still very entertaining, and with the exception of the random sexpest being outted seems relatively less dramatic in the back. Sure, dirtsheeter's aren't really covering the ins and outs of the backroom dealings at the local bingo hall. But maybe that's the point. 

Maybe if we, the consumer, paid less attention to the babybullshit that goes on in the back, maybe these fucking morons would start acting like adults.

Probably not. Ego is a helluva drug.

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