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50 years is a long fucking time. Krüde knows this. I’m 52 years alive. It is not often that something that has lasted a half century still has vitality stickered to it.

Enter Godzilla.

I mean Blue Oyster Cult  Yes, the same Blue Oyster Cult I have been a fan of since 1981.

BÖC booked their most recent tour as a 50th anniversary tour. And when they booked shows in NYC, they decided to play their first 3 albums in their entirety over three nights at Sony Hall in midtown Manhattan. Fuck yeah!!!

The band was joined by original drummer Albert Bouchard for the three nights. He mostly played guitar and sang. The band was well rehearsed and in fine form. Hearing them play songs that haven’t been played in almost 50 years was a real treat.

A mostly t shirted and blue jeaned crowd packed the small venue to the gills. Most of these  fans were probably around to see the band back in the 1970s. Lucky them

As for the concerts, the band were exceptional. They played two sets a night with the second set dedicated to deep cuts and old favorites. Yes, they played Don’t Fear The Reaper, Burnin’ For You and Godzilla on each night. I love those tunes as much as the others.

Some surprises came in the deep tracks they played. Unknown Tongue, Tenderloin, Joan Crawford and Lips in the Hills  were played brilliantly by this awesome group of musicians.

All in all, the NYC run of BÖC gigs were a truly special event. I bought a t shirt and a CD. Paid $25 for a cheeseburger. And $9 for a bottle of Corona. The music was the star of the shows. The BÖC music catalog is an immense collection of pure hard rock magic. The band claim they are “On Tour Forever’. They have been since 1972. No sign of stopping anytime soon. Check them out when they come to your town. You will play air guitar and air cowbell and have a great time. Krüde approved entertainment. Mahalo


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