The Krude Experience - Palmgoditis


Social Media is one big motherfucker of a clusterfuck of attention seeking minions with dreams of making it big (viral). Nothing like having a Tweet get a thousand likes and a hundred retweets. Or a video on YouTube getting 25k or more views. Bloated internet attention has taken the place of being genuinely witty in person. Now everybody can spell-check, photoshop, cut and paste etc.. ad nauseum. Until they unleash a perfect social media statement. Ol' Krüde is guilty of this cyber bullshit as well. I am a man for the ages, after all

Problem I have with all this palm god networking is that I always see the most popular people on social media having nothing tangible to say. Always promoting their wares. Never rocking the proverbial boat. Or the idol worship that happens when the super famous tweet and their fans gush praise all over them. Is this what Al Gore had in mind when he created the www? Ha ha. I haven't lost my sense of silly. Lucky youse

My personal record for gathering likes of a tweet is around 12k. It was a picture of a old school station wagon I posted to a Super 70s Sports tweet. I woke up the next day after posting the pic and my Twitter account was hopping. Felt good and dumb. Wish my more profound tweets got that kind of attention. You know, the pertinent topics of booze consumption and pussy stories

I’m probably going to do a Storytime with Krüde series on YouTube. Like having a conversation at a bar. Except I’m not lying to sweeten the yarn. I’ve lived a weird,fun life. Why not say it out loud and hope enough people enjoy the stories. Being an attention whore isn’t a new concept. Just more during  these cyber maximum days

Palmgoditis. It’s the new fangled disease affecting the attention deprived polulace. No known cure. Take your chances


Two in the arm better than one in the grave…




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