5 Lakers Rumors Being Talked About During the 22-23 Season

5 Lakers Rumors Being Talked About During the 22-23 Season

The Los Angeles Lakers are among the most storied franchises in the history of the NBA. The team has won 16 championships in its storied franchise history. There have been many great players to play for the Lakers, including Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Kobe Bryant, to name a few. There are a lot of rumors about what will happen in the 22-23 season, which includes:

1. The Lakers Could Use Their Trade Exception To Go After a Big

If you're a Los Angeles Lakers fan tired of waiting for the storied franchise to return to prominence, you should pay attention. The Lakers have a trade exception that can be used to bring in a big name like Anthony Davis. The team has been linked with Davis, but they could be interested again after missing out on Kawhi Leonard.

It would be costly and difficult for the Lakers to make this deal happen, but it still doesn't mean they won't try. If they did go after Davis, he'd join LeBron James on a team that's looking pretty good right now!

2. The Lakers Could Still Be Targeting Lonzo Ball

If the Lakers make a push for Ball, they'll have to hope they can secure him before other teams get in on the action. After this season, Ball is currently a restricted free agent, and he's expected to draw some interest around the league (particularly if he puts up better numbers than his rookie season). The Lakers also might need to overpay to bring him back—they could offer an extension now or wait until next summer when other teams aren't allowed to talk with him until July 1st—but doing so would be worth it if they think Ball will help them win next year. Lakers rumors being discussed are that with LeBron James now on board and Lonzo's father calling out LaVar for comments about Luke Walton being fired as head coach of the team, a lot is going on between these two sides right now. The question remains whether or not any of this tension will affect their ability to work together moving forward into what looks like a bright future ahead

3. The Lakers Could Look to Add Depth Behind Marc Gasol

The Lakers may be interested in adding a big man behind Marc Gasol. The free agent class is thin on centers, but some options remain. According to Lakers beat writer Brad Turner:

     "He's looking at the Miami Heat and likes Hassan Whiteside…."

     "They may have their sights set on the trade exception they used to acquire [Kentavious Caldwell-Pope]...They could use that as an asset to go after another [big]."

The Lakers would likely need to give up something valuable to land someone like Whiteside or Brook Lopez, but they're not afraid of trading Kyle Kuzma if it means getting an upgrade at center.

4. The Lakers Aren't Afraid to Trade Kyle Kuzma

If you've been following the NBA for the last few months, it won't be hard to guess that there is no shortage of rumors about Lakers players being traded. After all, the team differs from where people expected them to be this season.

However, one rumor has gained surprising traction: Kyle Kuzma could be on his way out of Los Angeles.

Some will argue that this is unlikely because Laker fans have clarified that they love Kuzma and have wanted him around for years. Others might say that trading him would be foolish because he is still young and talented enough to make an impact in this league for years to come. But what if both sides are wrong?

5. The Lakers Aren't Out on Bradley Beal

The Lakers are in the market for a scorer, and Bradley Beal fits the bill perfectly. The Lakers need someone who can get buckets on their own and help LeBron James out with some scoring off the bench. Beal has shown he can do both of these things while playing alongside John Wall, one of the league's best point guards.

The Wizards are asking for two first-round picks in any potential trade involving Beal, but if you give up two first-rounders, you want more than just Bradley Beal. You want a player that will help your team win now and for years to come – someone like Anthony Davis or Kawhi Leonard would certainly fit that mold better than Bradley Beal does at this point; however, it seems unlikely either team will move on from their stars unless they get an amazing offer from another team.


With the NBA season approaching, there is no shortage of rumors about what the Los Angeles Lakers could do. Whether it's trading for Lonzo Ball, acquiring Marc Gasol, or another big-name player like Kawhi Leonard, Gregg Popovich, and his staff are looking to make a splash in free agency and through trades before opening night.

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