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Alive With Pleasure

Krüde back to his old stomping grounds called Atlantic City recently. AC in New Jersey means a bunch of different things to different people. But it will always mean living life to its fullest and grooving most hedonistically as I can. And I do with regularity. Youse all know that

This trip took a weird turn the moment I arrived at the hotel. I had booked a comped corner room in the South Tower at the Tropicana. Corner rooms there have windows on two sides overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Sweet deal, for free (less local taxes of $36 a night). And the chicks dig it. When I went to check in at the hotel at the standard time of 4pm, I was informed my room wasn’t available. WTholyF??!!? So the crew at the Trop hooked me up in the North tower with a swanky suite. Oh yeah!

The suite was large, in a quiet area on the third floor (just above the craps and blackjack tables area). Separate bedroom and bathroom area away from wet bar and living room. Very nice. Smoking room as well. No complaints

AC in the month of January is always a weird place to be. Cold weather keeps people off the beach, boardwalk and away from the outdoor outlet mall areas. Only the grizzled vets like me go at times like this. I love the ghost town feel of this place, post the holiday bullshit.

$15 minimum bets at ALL table games that I saw walking around a few casinos. That means all the cheap fucks of the world are more reluctant to roll the dice or play blackjack. Nothing worse than a lousy gambler with frugal tendencies. Total vibe killers. Gotta go for throat while gambling. Put your balls on the line. Can’t win big by only relying on lucky moon phases or karma. Play hard. Win big, I says

When entertaining a special lady in AC, these three things must be included: fine dining, exclusive shopping and a great bartender. Chicks love ordering funky drinks. Having a trusted bartender helps with making the savage acts of gambling and fucking that much smoother. Happy wife. Happy life. Or so to speak

I wouldn’t call myself Krüde if I didn’t genuinely fit the bill. This pic cracked me up. My gf snapped it while I was having my post wake up sustenance (Wild Turkey and Camel filtered). I did walk to the ice machine in the hallway wearing these threads. Nobody was around, so no strange glances my direction. Damn

Another fun trip to AC. Always an option in the Krüde playbook of kicks. Mahalo


Yours unduly,


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