The Krude Experience - Super Duper Extra Fun Sunday

Super Duper Extra Fun Sunday

Living on the East Coast in New Jersey during the month of February means cold weather, packed shopping malls and morons who think wearing shorts is cool when the temperature is 28° F.  For the rest of the world, the Super Bowl is the main event of the month. Yes, that Big Game. The unsanctioned game of American football that determines a ‘champion’. With a sometimes watchable half time show. The game itself isn’t the star of the day. That accolade belongs to every football fan who dreams big for their indoor booze and grease tailgate parties. Vegetables need not apply….

The NFL is one of the most closely guarded businesses in the world. They don’t even want anybody using the words Super and Bowl together in any kind of advertising. They have trademarked the phrase Super Bowl. I honestly think if the NFL could split the Big Game festivities to 3 days of ‘competition’, they would. $$$ is king in NFL land.

When a football game becomes the most globally watched event of the year, you can be certain that there is more than just big dudes wearing tight knickers colliding into each other. Gambling is the name of the game. Whether you waste time and money on fantasy football. Or use a sports gambling app, getting action on the big game is BOSS. Even the kids get involved with the action. Welcome to 2023: nobody wants to be or act their age

Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles. This is your matchup for the Lombardi Trophy. Who do you like? Or which side of the coin toss are you betting on? Does it really matter which way the day goes? No. Super Sunday is the ultimate fun day. Nothing to think about except where the closest bathroom is. And creating an alibi to cover your monetary losses to your nearest and dearest.

Your buddy Krüde isn’t going to be meek on Super Sunday. Or jovial. I will be me as I always am: Krüde. No surprise there. I don’t care who wins or loses. Spending time with friends and loved ones is more important than watching an organized shit show masking as a sport. Where grown men cry when they lose. Cry when they win. Tears for the hell of it. Enjoy the game!

Krüde prediction: Chiefs 24 Eagles 19

Penetrate the evening….


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