UWN Championship Wrestling February 26th 2023

Championship Wrestling February 26th 2023

Gilbert Corsey opens the show from the United Wrestling Network headquarters and gives us a rundown of the program.

Loser Leaves Town Match: Lord Krewe & El Primohenio vs Rob McKnight & Levi Shapiro

McKnight immediately charges El Primohenio and hits him with a pounce, nails Krewe with a fist and hes off the apron to the floor. El Primohenio chops McKnight. McKnight fights back and hits him with a running elbow. He goes for Krewe again but he jumps from the apron to the floor. He rams El Primohenio face first into the middle turnbuckle and then tags in Shapiro. Whip El Primihenio into the ropes and a double elbow and he goes down. They do a double elbow drop and McKnights goes to the corner. Shapiro elbows El Primohenio and whips him into the corner and comes off the rops and delivers a bulldog. Shapiro is going for a cover and El Primohenio shoves him off and goes to his corner and tags in Lord Krewe. Krewe charges shapiro but is caught in a powerslam. Krew is in the corner and Shapiro charges him and Krewe moves. He goes behind Shapiro and delivers a belly to back suplex. Then a huge fist to the back of the head and cover but only a two count. Goes behind Shapiro and delivers a series of forearms to the chest. In the corner he chops Shapiro. Shapiro shoves him off but Krewe catches him with an uppercut. Whips his into the ropes, Shapiro moves and strikes Krewe with a series of elbows and a huge closeline. Goes for the cover but Krewe kicks out. Now all four are in the ring arguing and a huge brawl breaks out between the four. El Primohenio go down and Krewe and McKnight are back to back. They bump each other and stare each other down. The two start to throw rights and lefts at each other and McKnight has Krewe against the ropes. He nails Krewe with a huge headbutt. Then a huge clothesline and they both go over the top rope. The two continue to brawl outside. El Primohenio in the ring doves through the ropes and takes out :Lord Krewe. MnKnight kicks him in teh gut and throws him in the ring, Goes to pick up Krewe and throw him in the ring but Krewe punches McKnight and the two continue to brawl outside the ring. McKnight realizes the referee is counting and goes under the rope into the ring. He goes after El Primohenio but catches a boot to the face. El Primohenio charges at McKnight but is caught in a powerslam. McKnight is against the Krewe is still outside the ring and takes his feet out from under him. Shapiro goes for Krewe. Out of nowhere Big Hoss arrives and picks up Krewe by his throat and puts him down. Krewe turns around and Shapiro nails him with a right hand. Meanwhile still in the ring is McKnight and El Primohenio. El Primohenio is working over McKnight. El Primohenio singles for a big move but McKnight pushes him off and jumps to the second rope and stomps him face first into the mat. McKnights covers him and gets the three count for the victory. Lord Krewe must leave the United Wrestling Network.

Winners McKnight and Shapiro

Megan Harmon interviews Zicky Dice

Danny Limelight comes to the ring. Limelight talks making Jordan Clearwater tapout to become the United Wrestling Network champion. He talks about going against Eddie Kingston at the Red Carpet Rumble. Now he wants to know whats next. He’s facing Clark Connors next week. And says he has to worry about the new number one contender Bad Dude Tito. And says on top of that he also has to worry about the Red Carpet Rumble winner Invictus Kash. He says he has to stay focused but as long as he has the belt everyone wants a piece of the Radioactive Papi. He says you can send, Tito, Clearwater and Kash…but they’re still going to tap.

J-Rod vs Candy Girl

Candy comes out handing out candy to the fans, enters the ring and faces the corner to acknowledge the fans. She turns around to catch a big boot to the face by J-Rod. As Candy struggles to get up J-Rod charges and squashes her in the corner and continues to chop her. She puts Candy on her shoulders and drops her face first on the corner buckle. Picks her up and slams her. J-Rod instead of covering her does push ups on Candy, Candy starts to fight back with shots to the gut, then the face and a dropkick. Candy hits a code breaker and is amped up. Candy sharges the corner and squashes J-Rod. Goes for a second and J-Rod catches her and plants her center ring. J-Rod goes for a vertical suplex and candy tries to fight out of it but then hits the suplex. She cover Candy and gets the three count.


Sledge vs EJ Sparks

Sparks attempts to go after Sledge by kicking his thigh and does not seem to be affected at all. Just sort of smirks at the idea. The circle the ring. Sledge goes for a lock up and Sparks ducks out and kicks Sledge. Sparks goes for another but Sledge catches the leg. He pushes Sparks to the corner and charges, Sparks moves and starts laying in kicks on Sledge. Sledge pushes him off and Sparks comes back with a cork screw elbow. Sledge goes after him in the opposite corner and up and over Sledge Sparks goes, Hitting him with a flurry of kicks then a dropkick and Sledge goes outside the ring. Spaks goes to dive through the ropes and Sledge catches him and chokeslams him on the ring apron. Picks up Sparks and slams him down hard on the apron again. Back in the ring Sparks tries to fight back but Sledge is too much for him. Whips Soarks into the ropes and hits a nasty back elbow. Nos sledge whips Sparks hard into the corner. Sledge goes to ick him up but Sparks hits a jawbreaker and stuns Sledge. He now starts going after him with a series of kicks and forearms. Sledge had enough and grabs Sparks and throws him across the ring like a rag doll. Sledge has Sparks up against the ropes and now works him over with kicks and chops and rams him into the corner, Sledge whips him into the ropes and Sparks tries to go for a sunset flip. SLedge lifts him by the throat and lifts him for a slam but Sparks sneaks out the back door. Sparks goes for a low kick and he seems to have Sledge stunned. Sparks goes for more kicks and punches but Sledge catches him. He puts Sparks on the top rope but Sparks fights him off. Sparks jumps from the ropes and hits a cutter. This is the first big move that had any effect on Sledge. He makes a cover only for two. Sparks keeps going but Sledge catches him and nails him with a double hammer for the pin.

Winner: Sledge

Post match Bateman comes out and stars down Sledge. Sledge leaves the ring. Bateman helps Sparks off the mat and raises his hand. Then lifts him and delivers a brainbuster to Sparks. Peter Avalon comes to the ring and Bateman runs off.

Zicky Dice vs Willie Mack

The crowd seems to be slip here as half the crowd is chanting “Chocolate Thunder” and the other chanting for Zicky Dice. The two lock up and Willie backs Dice to the corner and breaks clean. They lock up again and Zicky pushes Mack to the corner and climbs the second rope and shakes his junk in the face of Mack. Willie does not seemed pleased. The lock up a third time and Dice gets Mack in a headlock and takes down Mack. Willie works his way up and pushes Dice to the ropes and hits a shoulder block and Dice goes down. Mack taunts Dice. They meet in they meet in the center of the ring and Mack unload a series of punches to Dice. He whips DIce to the ropes but he reverses it and Mack hits a dropkick. Dice is up and leaning on the ropes and Mack charges and hits a clothesline and Dice goes over the ropes. Mack goes outside and lays in some chops to Zicky. He rolls Dice back to the ring but Dice keeps rolling and goes outside. Mack goes to pull him back in but Dice pulls him throat first on the top rope. Zicky now works over Mack. He has him in the corner and keeps shoving his should into the gut of Mack. Dice chops Mack twice and has no effect on Mack. He reverses it and now has Dice in the corner and lays in a brutal chop. Mack takes him to the next corner for another brutal chop. They go to commercial break.

Back from the commercial we see Zicky have Mack in a Northern Lights Suplex but Mack kicks out. Mack fires some fists comes off the ropes but catches a knee to the gut. Dice rakes the back with his nails. Then has Macks throat over the middle rope and is choking him. DIce picks up Mack and goes to whip him into the corner but he reverses it. Mack hits a huge splash in the corner on Dice. He now nails fists to the head of Dice as the fans counted along. Dice slides out and pulls the foot out and Mack hits the top buckle face first. Dice delivers a DDT and goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Dice drives Mack headfirst into the mat two more times and goes for another cover for only two. Dice applies the camel clutch. Mack fights out of it and carries Dice on his back and drives him into the corner. He delivers a huge clothesline the a huge boot to the face of Dice. Mack has him up and delivers the Samoan drop and both men are down as the referee counts both men. Mack suddenly kip up and a standing moonsault and covers Dice only for two. Both men are in a corner. Mack goes after Dice but gets hit with a boot. Dice goes after Mack again but catches him and delivers and exploder suplex in the corner. Mack rolls Dice over and goes for the cover and Dice kicks out at the last second. Mack goes to the top buckle and Dice stands up and falls into the ropes as Mack loses his position. Dice nails him with the High Roller and gets the three count.

Winner: Zicky Dice

Rating 3/5. Willie Mack vs Zicky Dice was an excellent match.

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