NWA USA 03.04.2023 Report

NWA USA 03..04.2023

The show opens with Bobby Fulton waving in his team he found from behind the curtain to face the Fixers Out come Chris Adonis and Rhett Titus. They enter the ring and the Fixers immediately take control of the ring. Rhett hasn’t had a chance to take his ring robe off yet as Wrecking Ball works him over in the corner. Tags in Jay Bradley. Slams Titus to the mat and delivers a big elbow. Rhett finally gets his robe off. The fixers whip him to the ropes and double shoulder tackle. Wrecking Ball does a nice diving headbutt to Titus and punches and kicks him when hes down. Titus attempts to lock his leg around Legusrky’s leg and take him down but it doesn’t work and Bradley is back in. Abdominal stretch on Titus and he works the mid section. Legursky is tagged back in and no applies a bear hug to Titus. Rhett attempts to get out with a knee strike. Tags Bradley back in and a spin out side slam. Wrecking Ball tagged back in and they slam Titus to the corner. Titus moves as Legursky charges and hits Bradley. Titus is in control and tags in Adonis. Adonis attempts to slam Legusrky but Legusky doesn’t have it and slams him. Wrecking Ball goes for another headbutt and Adonis moves. Adonis tries to apply the master lock but Legursky powers out. As he yells “Wrecking Ball” Titus delivers a dropkick and Adonis applies the Master Lock. Wrecking Ball taps out!!

Winners:Titus and Adonis

Bobby Fulton grabs a microphone and demands the Fixers give him back the United States Tag Team belts the Fixers stole. The Fixers enter the ring. The Fixers actually hand the belts over to Bobby and a photographer enters the ring and takes a photo with the Fixers and Bobby with the United States Tag Team belts. As the picture was taken the Fixers grab the belts and run out of the ring.

Fade to intro

Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Tim Storm welcome us to the show. Galli gives a rundown of the show.

Women’s Television Title Tournament Match:

Max The Impaler vs Natalia Markova

Markova charges Max and Max catches her and pushes her off to the mat. Max goes for a clothesline and Markova ducks and jumps on the back of the Impaler. Max slams her off. Max punches Markova and she is crawling trying to get up throwing fists to the mid section. Max picks her up and delivers a gut buster. Goes or the count and 2. Markova gets up and Max charges and Markova drops and trips Max. She chokes Max to try and cut off the air supply and wear her down. Ref Breaks it up and Max grabs Markova by the hair and slams her down. Now a chin lock and taunts Markova. Max picks Markova up by the neck in a chin lock and slams her. Markova is up in the corner and Max charges and catches a boot. Markova works her over with a series of kicks. Markova sets up for a move and runs the ropes and James Mitchell trips her and Max picks her up and slams her hard down to the mat. Goes for the cover and gets only two. Markova crawls to the corner and Max slams Markova head first with a kick into the bottom buckle. She goes for the cover and gets only two. Markova is up and in the corner and Max grabs her and flings her across the ring. Max goes to charge the corner and Markova moves and starts kicking her and has her down in the corner and is smothering her. Markova doesn’t break the five count and the referee disqualifies her. Max attacks Markova post match and continues to beat her.

Winner by DQ: Max The Impaler

CJ comes from behind the curtain and enters the ring stands above a fallen Markova. Takes off her head dress and lays it on Markova and they goes to a commercial.

May Valentine interviews Mike Knox about the split with Cardona. May asks is he and Matt have broken. He said when he and Cardona came in Cardona claimed they have an army but Myers etc weren’t there. The only one that was was him. And Cardona says they were an internet army and weren’t there. He goes to bars and makes friends and has an army. And tells Cardona his is fake. And wishes him the best of luck with Bubba.

Bulletproof Troop & Jax Dane vs Jeremiah Plunkett & Alex Taylor

It looked at first as if Dane was going to start with Taylor but he tags in Troop. Troop in against Taylor he goes for a amateur takedown and mounts him. They stand and Troop appies a headlock and Taylor pushes him off and hits two shoulder blocks. Troops comes off the ropes and Taylor hits a drop toe hold. Goes to drop and elbow but Taylor moves. Plunkett in and splashes Troop in corner. Taylor does the same. Plunkett for the cover and two. Plunkett had a rear wastelock and the two are back up and Troop gets out, Plunkett stomps his bare feet and tags in Taylor. The deliver double Russian leg sweep and Taylor goes for a cover and only a two count. Taylor goes to lift Taylor but Troop shoves him into Dane. Dane grabs Taylor but he catches Dane with a kick to the face. As Taylor turns Troop catches him with a kick and a gutwrench suplex. Jax Dane in and has Taykor in the corner and splashes him. Dane takes his jacket off and throws it at Plunkett. He lifts Taylor and throws Taylor. Troop in and works over Taylor. Taylor tries to fight back. Troop has taylor in the corner. Makes tag. Dane in and tries to taunt Plunkett and bring him in. Dane now has Taylor in a chinlock. Taylor fights his way up and misses and enzegure. Tags Plunkett and he is on fire. Puts Dave on his shoulders but Taylor is nor around for the move. Taylor in and they try a double should er tackle and doesn’t work on Dane. Taylor goes for Dane and goes through the ropes into Danny Dealz. Plunkett tries a pile driver buy can’t lift Dane. Troop almost takes Plunketts head off with a clothesline. Troop puts him in a leg lock and he immediately taps out.

Winners: Dane & Troop

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