6 Tips to Help You Make Dinner If You're a Bad Cook

6 Tips to Help You Make Dinner If You're a Bad Cook

Are you among those who find it difficult to prepare a nice meal? Do you frequently rely on frozen meals or place takeaway orders? Do not fret; you are not alone. Cooking might be intimidating if you're not comfortable in the kitchen. But worry not; there are techniques you may apply to improve your cooking skills and prepare a wonderful meal.

If you consider yourself a terrible cook, don't worry; this piece will provide you with six ways to salvage your evening meal.

Keep it Simple

Keeping things simple is one of the most crucial pieces of cooking advice for novices. Start with simple recipes that don't call for much expertise or experience. To impress your family or friends, you don't need to prepare an expensive four-course meal. Use straightforward recipes using minimal ingredients and basic preparation methods. As you gain experience in the kitchen, you may always progress to more difficult recipes.

Use a Meal Plan Subscription

Anyone with trouble in the kitchen might benefit greatly from a meal plan subscription service. You may get a weekly or monthly meal plan from these services, complete with grocery lists and recipes. Doing this lets you plan meals without having to wing them and ensure you have all the necessary items on hand. Additionally, many meal plan subscription services provide simple-to-follow recipes that are excellent for novice cooks.

Invest in Basic Kitchen Tools

The appropriate equipment in the kitchen may significantly improve your cuisine. While purchasing a few essential kitchen items won't break the budget, doing so will enable you to prepare meals more quickly and successfully. A nice collection of pots and pans, a chopping board, measuring cups, and spoons are a few examples of necessary equipment. You may also think about getting a pressure cooker or slow cooker, which are excellent for preparing simple one-pot meals.

Prep Ahead of Time

When it comes to cooking, preparation is essential. Spend some time in advance preparing your items, including cutting veggies, weighing out seasonings, and marinating meat. This will reduce anxiety and shorten the time it takes to prepare food. On the weekends, you may also think about meal preparation, which entails making huge quantities of food and portioning it out for the next week.

You may make better food choices by preparing in advance in addition to saving time and stress. You're more likely to cook at home and avoid ordering takeout or unhealthy convenience foods when you have prepared and ready-to-use nutritious components.

Don't be Afraid to Make Mistakes

It's critical to keep in mind that cooking is a process of learning. It's acceptable to make errors since everyone does. Don't be too hard on yourself if a recipe doesn't turn out the way you wanted. Consider it a lesson learned, and consider what you can do differently the next time. Since learning to cook is mostly an exercise in trial and error, don't be reluctant to attempt anything new.

It's normal to make some blunders as you gain cooking experience. Even the most skilled cooks err in the kitchen occasionally. The most crucial thing is learning from your errors and not letting them get you down. Instead, view them as an opportunity to learn new things and improve your talents, and make the most of that opportunity.

Try New Recipes and Cuisines

Try different foods and cuisines as a method to hone your culinary talents. Don't be hesitant to experiment with flavors and substances that are outside of your comfort zone. Cookbooks, food blogs, and even culinary programs may serve as sources of inspiration. Experimenting with different foods and dishes is a fun and interesting approach to improving your culinary abilities and wowing your family and friends. Maybe you'll find a dish or ingredient that becomes a new favorite.


Cooking can be difficult, particularly for individuals lacking kitchen knowledge. But if you adhere to these six suggestions, you may improve your cooking abilities and prepare a fantastic meal. Keep it simple, subscribe to a meal plan, get some inexpensive cooking gear, plan, don't be scared to make errors, and most importantly, have fun! You'll soon be whipping up a storm if you put in a little practice and have some patience.


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